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Jan 24, 2010 10:11 AM

Bear Naked Burgers closed

Went to my goto burger place the other day & found it closed. The Mexican restaurant next door owned by the same people was still open and I must say was bustling. Sign says the burgers can be had at the Mexican restaurant but I didn't see fries on the menu so we headed off to Flame. A menu was posted for the future restaurant which is supposed to open in the Bear Naked space named SR24. Didn't really take it in completely but seemed kind of like American comfort/diner food. Definitely higher prices than Bear Naked's.

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  1. That is too bad. I liked the burgers and really liked the tuna salad sandwich. The Mexican place next door is meh. The parking lot is the killer. I parked in the lot three times, my car was "bumped" every time.

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    1. re: oaktowngirl

      The key is parallel parking along 51st. the spots in the lot are way too narrow.

      SR24 will be operated by the same people as Bear Naked and La Calaca Loco. I'm hoping that the burger and fries will also appear on SR24's menu. This will be their 3rd try, they operated Cafe Pippo in that space before.

      1. re: oaktowngirl

        I can't say I've tried everything at La Calaca Loca ("the Mexican place"), but their Baja Pescado is my favorite fish taco in the East Bay.

        La Calaca Loca
        5199 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609