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Jan 24, 2010 09:50 AM

Smoking already smoked/cooked sausage?

We recently bought a little Masterbuilt electric smoker, and have been experimenting with it, having never smoked a single thing before. We have found that smoked mac and cheese is faaaantastic. For dinner tonight, I was hoping to smoke some cabbage, some sauerkraut, and several pork products - a boneless pork loin, a few boneless country-style ribs, a pound of fresh boudin, and a couple of pounds of fully cooked (Polk's) smoked sausage. We had no problems finding recipes, tips, hints, etc. for the loin, ribs, boudin, and cabbages, but I haven't turned up anything about smoking already-smoked sausage. I guess it's not usually done. Does anyone know if this is recommended, or even possible? Any thoughts about how long to smoke it? The smoker will be working at 225F, the boudin smoking for about 3 hours. Thanks so much for any advice.

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  1. Use your cooker to heat the Polk's thoroughly, but don't over do it or you risk drying it out....If you want to eat it along with everything else put it on last...Or if you want to just snack on it while everything else cooks put it on sooner...Give it a taste test after 20 minutes, and go from there.....

    Have Fun & Enjoy!

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      Thanks so much, Uncle Bob. It turns out we had to make some last-minute changes and will smoke this feast tomorrow instead. It'll be pork loin, country-style ribs, boudin, smoked sausage, cabbage, sauerkraut, potatoes, green beans, onions, red and orange bell peppers, and some chunks of gouda and cheddar cheese. I will follow your advice WRT the smoked sausage. Thanks again, and yes, I am having lots of fun experimenting. So far, everything we've smoked has been great.

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          Well, we had our smoked pork feast last night and it was wonderful! Everything was great. The already-smoked sausage was lovely, the boudin was completely different than what I'm used to, the pork loin was fantastic, and the boneless country-style ribs were mind-blowingly, awesomely, almost unbelievably delicious and delectable. Definitely the best thing we've smoked so far. Thanks again for your help, Uncle Bob!