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Jan 24, 2010 09:24 AM

Arlington Area Rehearsal Dinner

My fiance and I are beginning our search for a rehearsal dinner location in the Arlington, MA area. We've got some time - the wedding is in September - but figured I'd look for some suggestions to get me started. We'd like to keep it pretty low-key (and fairly low cost!). We're expecting between 20 and 30 people for the dinner. Any and all suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!

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  1. Congratulations! Do you have any thoughts about what kind of cuisine you and your guests might like? The two best non-ethnic options in town are a bit on the pricey side--Flora and Tryst. One possibility -- if you hit it off with the owner--would be to arrange something with Prose, where you could take over the whole restaurant. Search Prose on the board so that you can see some of the issues.
    If ethnic restaurants are an option, there are quite a few good ones that could work, and have nice enough atmosphere: Punjab, Kathmandu Spice, Thai Moon, Fusion Taste. Close to Arlington you could consider Sabur in Teele sq or Elephant Walk in N Cambridge .

    1. Potentially also too pricey, but taking over Scutra could be very nice - and better than Tryst in my experiences. Second the support for Thai Moon or Punjab if Thai or Indian is appealing - both are tops in the area IMHO.

      1. Second for Flora. Last year, I worked with them to plan a graduation dinner for 20 relatives. We designed a menu to my liking, including wine choices. They printed up the menus (no prices) and made a festive table for us . Service was impeccable. Wasn't cheap, but Flora made a memorable evening.