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Jan 24, 2010 09:21 AM

Favorite place(s) for oysters in Paris?

Whether super-swanky or hole in the wall ....

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  1. Depends:
    Very best Utah Beaches at l'Ecailler du Bistrot
    Ambiance and Depardieu at Fontaine Gaillon
    Lotsa & more at Huitrier in the 17th
    Funky at Regis

    John Talbott

    1. The mister and I loved Regis : delicious, briny, and big! Shrimp as well but that is about all. Well worth it if you love oysters.
      Baron Rouge on Sundays: funky scene, filled with lots of people, oysters, cheese, meats, and loud and fun. Near the market. But oysters only on Sunday.

      1. Love L'Eclume in the 1ier. Definitely a hole in the wall.

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          And the sound of the gulls is so cool!

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            A strong second for this recommendation. Based on my last visit, they have officially changed to name to the more familiar "L'Ecume."

          2. Oysters are really plentiful in Paris with lots of brasseries, restaurants and seafood bars all delivering great options. It is probably a better question to ask: where would you avoid if you want to eat oysters? There will be a few (a very few) where they are not expertly shucked or freshly shucked, these will be the ones to avoid. For the others it depends on what style of place you seek.

            1. I second Le Baron Rouge. It's at the end of the fantastic Marche Aligre (Sundays only), which used to be Paris's cheapest farmers market, a number of years ago, and is still well-priced. Shop a bit and then stop for oysters and wine.

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                The oyster scene today (Sunday) at Baron Rouge was indeed funky, loud, crowded (well into the street -- some were using a tall garbage can as a table) and fun. And delicious. The hours seem to vary during the year, but I belive a sign today said it was open until 16:00?


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                  Marche Aligre is open every day but Monday on both the inside and outdoor sections. They close a bit early on Sundays , and is still one great place for varied and inexpensive vegetables.