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Jan 24, 2010 09:20 AM

I have to lose some pounds what's a foodie to do?

Hi there,

Yeah we have all done this before ( well at least I have ) put on a few too many pounds. What is a foodie to do? Would like to hear your selections for food that is very calorie and fat friendly. I am doing my part in the work out department. Can you provide some tasty morsels that will work in the food department. I have been eating Pho, grilled fish, rosted veggies and I am getting board.. Spike it up please! Southbay and Westside recs are most appreciated.. Thanks in advance..

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  1. at MARISCOS CHENTE order any of the coctels and the pz. tell them not even to put the chips on the table. if you need some carbs tell them to bring you ONLY ONE tortilla. sometimes if i'm really hungry i order two coctels for one meal.

    at DINAH'S order the chile relleno omelet made with egg whites only easy on the cheese with one piece of whole wheat toast dry.

    at THE SPOT order the super burrito and only eat half, take the other half home for another meal. bear in mind, the red sauce they use on this dish is nonfat or very low fat, so you get a good amount of eating pleasure for few calories.

    at AYARA THAI order the prik king or the thai garden with a double order of tofu as the protein source and tell them easy on the oil. order brown rice to go with.

    at MUSHA any of the sashimi dishes or the homemade tofu dishes will do the trick.

    at 26 BEACH order the tuscan salad with double order of grilled tofu on top and with dressing on the side.

    whenever i've got to get my weight down quickly, i've been able to do it by rotating between these restaurants eating this dishes only.

    imho, the key to losing weight while eating out is to sure that the protein/calorie ratio is high.

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        you're very welcome.
        glad to help any way i can.

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        these are good suggestions and tasty as hell, yeah, never allow them even to put those chips and salsa on the table.

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