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Jan 24, 2010 09:15 AM

Missing Review: Eve's Cafe, Lampasas, Texas

On January 16 I wrote a review of the aforementioned that did not appear on the board for Texas. The review is present, however, when one searches Lampases and clicks on reviews for that cafe. In fact, somehow, the review appears twice. Question: why didn't the review appear on the main board (Texas) and could you please delete one of the reviews, that appear to be duplicates. Thanks, Joe in Austin

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  1. Reviews that are posted on the individual restaurant pages don't appear on the Chowhound discussion boards. However, reviews that are posted on the Chowhound discussion boards and are tagged with "This is a review for a specific restaurant" will appear on the restaurant's page. When you do that, you'll be given the chance to enter the restaurant name (new restaurants will not be able to be linked in this way, until they have been added to the database) and give it a star rating.

    You entered your review on the restaurant page. If you'd like to add it as a discussion topic instead, copy and paste it to a new discussion and tag it with the restaurant name and it will appear on the restaurant page. When you do that, post back here to let us know and we'll remove the first review. We removed the duplicate review you mentioned.