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Jan 24, 2010 08:57 AM

re: Williams Sonoma Baking Mixes

Ever tried them? Are they overpriced? Worth the money? The Toronto Star on Saturday did a comparison of the WS Brownie Mix to other brand mixes and a homemade recipe.

I have bought the WS Spiced Pumpkin Quickbread Mix 2 years in a row when it was reduced to $2.99 from $16.00 (Canadian). It is good, not sure why: is it the quality of the vanilla they use or better quality spices?

But I would never pay the regular price.

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  1. I think they're unconscionably overpriced! And it astounds me that they can sell them at all in a store marketing to people who cook. =o

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    1. re: rainey

      Don't kid yourself rainey. WS is marketing to those that like the IDEA of cooking. I hazard to guess that most real cooks are not the ones shopping at WS and when they do, it's mostly for giftee type purchases.

      1. re: millygirl

        LOL, agreed! I never shop at WS because it's too expensive, but I love to cook and like looking at their stuff for fun.

        $16 for a quick bread mix is highway robbery! It's probably like 50 cents worth of ingredients.

        1. re: millygirl

          Once NOT true but I soooo agree with you today. It a shame and a disgrace and a temple to yuppie-dom.

      2. I've tried two mixes that I can think of...the first is maple pecan pancake mix. My mom used to buy it all the time, and they were delicious pancakes! I haven't seen that mix in a while though, so it's possible they stopped carrying it years ago. More recently I got the Bouchon Bakery Yeasted Waffles mix as a gift...they were very tasty, but since the mix ran out I've gone back to making my own waffle batter (which is just as good).

        I think if I were to buy their mixes myself, it would be like when you did...when they're on sale! When I was in high school I always waited for their after Christmas sale so I could buy boxes of their marshmallows for $1/each and have a s'mores party. Otherwise I'd have to hope for them as a gift. My graduate school stipend doesn't allow me to shop there for myself at full-price.

        1. I was hoping you could give me the cooking directions for the Pumpkin QB. I was given a sample package and it does not have the directions on it. Thank you.