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Jan 24, 2010 08:50 AM

Staying at THEhotel in Vegas next month for work--Where to dine?

Will be in Vegas for work and would love to know some other dining options besides their one, Mix! I won't have a car so somewhere walking or cheaply taxi-ing would be ideal.

Thanks <3

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  1. What are you specifically looking for? One-star, five-star, something in between? Prices? Type of food? You will likely not get too many hits until you more specifically delineate what you are seeking. That said, Aureole is one of my favorite Vegas venues and is in the Mandalay Bay. If in your follow-up post more specifically describing what you want, you indicate that you are looking for a memorable evening with excellent food, great service and a respected wine program, then I'll be happy to tell you why I think it would be a good choice.

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      Thank you for the tip Doc!

      My only criteria is that it is within the Mandalay Bay/THEhotel or a short distance (1 mile or so). Price wise doesn't matter really (I'm open to super hidden gem to well known establishments). I'm expecting and willing to pay a little more for non-buffet or chain food! Other specifics would be a nice atmosphere (we are two female fashion industry professions in our mid-twenties) with an interesting, delicious and fun menu! Being from LA--not too interested in the Koi's, Spago's, etc!

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        go to L'atelier in the MGM I think it will fit what you want perfectly. It's a short distance away but I also believe there is a tram that goes from mandalay to mgm to make it even easier.

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          The tram goes from Mandalay Bay to Excalibur. Then it's a reasonably short walk across the sky bridge to NYNY and then to the MGM Grand. Or as reasonably short as anything is in Las Vegas.

          I'd definitley second the L'Atelier suggestion.
          In the MGM Grand, there's also Nob Hill and Fiamma, both of which are pretty good.

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          I would suggest Mix, i live in LA and have eaten there twice. I stayed at THE hotel last month and the food is wonderful the atmosphere is fantastic. The decor alone is worth a trip and the bar next to the restaurant is the best view in vegas. Ask for the clamshell tables which are really fun. It's in THEhotel so you can have the concierge help with the table.

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        1. As I previously stated, Aureole is a great choice. It's become a "go-to" for me and I seem to dine there once or twice a year. Their tasting menu is excellent if you are looking to go that route. They have two dining rooms. The busy, bustling Main Dining Room and the quiet, romantic Swan Court. Pick whichever suits your mood.

          Charlie Palmer Steak over at the Four Seasons (same buliding as Mandalay) is also highly recommended. Also in 4S is Verrandah which is an excellent breakfast or lunch venue.

          Burger Bar in Mandalay Place is also worth a stop for a more informal dinner or lunch.

          Lots of good stuff in the Mandalay complex.

          Have a great time!]

          1. Just returned from Vegas. THEHotel is part of Mandalay Bay, and has plenty of fine dining options. Aureole (Charlie Palmer's) is excellent, with it's famous wine tower and French/European style food. My personal favorite is Rumjungle, which features Brazilian cuisine, meat-on-skewers, and other specialties. For late-night visitors, the place becomes a night club. The new, highly touted City Center just opened, just a short distance North of Mandalay Bay, with four hotels, condos, and Crystal, an upscale shopping mall. Many of the shops have not opened yet, but it's worth a look. We dined in the new Mandarin Oriental hotel. Their signature restaurant is Twist, on the 23rd floor, with great food and a fabulous view of the strip.
            Have a great time!