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Jan 24, 2010 08:32 AM

Vacuum Packed: How Long?

I have some high quality vacuum packed [as in all the air removed] box of Arborio rice. It is shamefully old.

How long are vaccum packed grains viable?


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  1. I consider them viable for years without vacuum packing.

    Foodsaver packed you could probably exhume from an egyptian tomb and eat.

    1. Don't know about grains but I can tell you I'm still using vacuum packed yeast from my freezer that supposedly expired more than a year ago.

      I also had a sauerbraten that was vacuum packed and frozen for more than a year. It was excellent.

      Not much can happen in the absence of air and moisture. I use the freezer for back up but I think it's the absence of air and water that ensure the freshness. You might just find you have to cook your risotto a little longer. Don't watch the clock; taste your rice for the texture you want.

      1. As long as the rice does not smell rancid, go ahead and use it or re-vacuum it.