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Jan 24, 2010 07:41 AM

Bermuda Eating Trip Recap - long

Just spent an elongated weekend in Bermuda and wanted to give a chow report. The island was very very slow, many places closed. We stayed at a great b+b on Harbour Road in Warwick called Watercolours. It was easy to get tables at all restaurants for the most part. We rented scooters and drove around the island, which I'd highly recommend. The day by day:

Dinner: Bistro J (Alleyway off Front St, Hamilton)
We tried to get a table at their sister restaurant Port O Call on Front Street, but the wait was a bit much so we hopped around the corner. Bistro J is a much more casual, intimate vibe. Menu all on a chalkboard in the dining room, lots of good options, we tried to keep it local and seafood centric with fishcakes, shrimp w/bacon, guinea chick, and wahoo. I wasn't thrilled with the food but it was good, solid fare.

Brunch: Fourways Inn (Paget)
This came highly recommended to us but I can't figure out why. Ever been to a Vegas buffet? That's basically what this was. Fairly crowded, and expensive at $50 per person. We had lamb, sushi, lobster, fish and chips, shrimp, etc etc. Tons of stuff. The highlight was amazing chocolate mousse and tiramisu homemade desserts. Really nicely done.
Drinking: Robin Hood (Hamilton) and The Mad Hatters (Hamilton).
We checked out Robin Hood, it was a good vibe, British sports bar feel, but playing the Jets game so we had a few drinks there. Affable bartenders and a menu that looked half decent. Then we strolled on over to the Mad Hatters, and went into the upstairs bar. I'm not sure if we were in a bar or a social club, but it was a weird vibe, almost like something out of a David Lynch movie. Had a beer there and then walked to dinner.
Dinner: Pickled Onion (Front St in Hamilton)
This place is a clean, modernish upscale pub. Pretty good food, and some great local seafood options. We had crab/shrimp cakes, fish chowder, pan seared rockfish. The rockfish was particularly memorable.
More drinking: The Hog Penny (Hamilton)
We ended up in this British Pub for a drink. It was a pub.

Lunch: Lobster Pot (Bermudiana Road in Hamilton)
This place seems semi-famous on Bermuda. It's basically a family seafood restaurant, and a decent one at that, but nothing mind blowing. We had conch chowder, fish chowder, hogfish. All were god, and this is probably where the best of the chowders we sampled were.
Dinner: Beau Rivage (Harbour Road in Paget)
This was the fancy dinner. The place was deserted though, only 1 or 2 other tables. It is the off-season I supposed. High end French menu, good execution of all dishes, great service, and a ferry stop right out front. We had the foie terrine, shrimp cocktail, swordfish w/ ratatouille, herb crusted lamb and some desserts that I was too hammered to remember.

Snack: Cafe Ole at Crystal Caves
We grabbed a fish cake at the cafe before venturing into the caves and it was pretty good!
Lunch: Swizzle Inn (Bailey's Bay)
Possibly the most famous spot on Bermuda, it's a graffiti covered pub that serves their famous namesake drink, the Swizzle. If you're on scooters, stick to the half pitcher. We shared a lamb curry special that was good!
Pre-Dinner Snack: RumBar at Latin: (Victoria St in Hamilton)
I had heard this place has the only raw bar in Bermuda so we had to check it out. It's kind of an upscale Latin vibe, and the basement is the bar/rawbar. We had a very good tuna tiradito and a salmon ceviche, but there were only 2 types of oysters at the raw bar, Blue Points and Duxbury's. I know both of these oysters well and we ordered a couple of each, and they definitely served us all Blue Points. Disappointing, but perhaps would be better in the high season.
Dinner: Bolero (Front St in Hamilton)
This was probably the food highlight of the trip. Bolero is upstairs on Front Street but you have to enter off an alley. I'd recommend this place as the most foodie of all the places we ate at. It's upscale French food with some British and local influences. We had a black pudding - which was amazing - bloog pudding that came with a hard boiled egg. I mentioned that in taste and presentation, it wouldn't be out of place at Momofuku Ssam bar in New York. We also had a classic mussels with shallots, white wine and cream sauce which were great, and then a very very good snapper dish and a very nice spicy tiger shrimp risotto. Too full for dessert. Highly recommended. Oh definitely check out the bathroom, on the way to them, there are menus from what I think are all the restaurants the chef has worked in. Kind of a cool time capsule, and will delight any and all food nerds.

Lunch: La Trattoria and Sports Bar (L.F. Wade International Airport)
We wanted to get something else for lunch at either Harbourfront or Lemon Tree Cafe on our final day but didn't have enough time. So we hit the only dining option in the airport, on the 2nd floor, past customs, right at the gates. We had a standard fish cake sandwich and some fried shrimp. Pretty standard airport fare, made me feel like I was tripping on acid during the flight home.

A few places we wanted to hit but didn't:
Blu - right by our b+b, but the menu looked like very standard stuff I've had a million times.
Waterlot - upscale steakhouse, looked good but we have enough of those in NYC thanks
Yoshi - apparently this is a quasi secret sushi bar, sounded cool, would check it if I had more time there.
Tom Moore's Tavern - a classic Bermuda joint, but we kept it more local/accessible by ferry for our dinners.
Newport Room and The Point - both high end places, but we rolled our high end dice on Beau Rivage. Next time would try these.
We heard good things about Indigo in Flatts as well.
Bouchee - apparently good local cuisine

We had been given a very strong recommendation to try the Black Horse on St. David's but when we got there, it was closed. We then stumbled upon Dennis Hideaway on St. David's, which we think was closed as well. This is possibly the most unique restaurant I've ever come across. It's a few signs advertising fresh fish out front, and a path it tells you to follow down to the water, where there is a bench/table and a house. The house was the kitchen apparently, and the radio was on, but we couldn't find anyone. We went in the house and called out but no one was there. Feeling sufficiently creeped out, we took off. Supposedly this is all catch of the day seafood and is great. Hard to tell if it is still open, or if it was just the off season.

Overall I wasn't super impressed by the food in Bermuda, you can eat well, but everything is definitely expensive. Makes sense though, it's the most affluent country in the world and it's an island in the middle of the Atlantic. I'd suggest going towards the more local, seafood type stuff. The fine dining we did hit can be replicated anywhere, really. Super bummed that Dennis Hideaway and Black Horse weren't open. A phone call would help, but traveling around and stumbling upon things is just kind of more fun.

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  1. Thank you so much for in depth review of Bermuda restaurants. Will catalogue safely for my yearly December visits!

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    1. re: shaebones

      Quiet doesn't begin to describe winter in Bermuda. I hope you are able to come back and go to Dennis' and the Black Horse. I'm sorry you didn't get to try Port O' Call - my son said he'd had the best steak frites ever there - and he's well-travelled.

      I would never recommend Fourways for brunch (or dinner) unless you really like a timewarp experience, say early 80s.

      When I was a kid Tom Moores was a joint, these days it is a 'dining establishment', I like it, but it's the kind of place where women get the menus without prices.

      I hadn't been to the Tratt for years and went back on my son's recommendation to have the pizza, which was very good - it's what I think of as real Italian pizza - really good crust and fairly minimal topping.

      Bermuda is one of those places where you need to be guided by a local to find real Bermudian food - which is pretty basic stuff - really good fish sandwiches, the best macaroni and cheese, peas and rice and chicken - the food you find in hotels and the restaurants in town are not a reflection of our foodways.

      1. re: Athena

        Athena, someday I will connect and ask you to lead our writer, I have dined around off property (a Reefs repeater dining around) and never found food harmony..I know it's out there..I guess I am spoiled by Anguilla..too MANY amazing stops..Bermuda doesn't seem to have it which I fail to understand..this kind of review is far too common. Alas, there is so much more to food...and it's one place we come home not having gained weight. Agreed on Fourways and Tom Moores. Still don't get the appeal of SI. Yes to Dennis's and Black Horse..and Island Cuisine, need to add it was not good so where in that area is another local sort of the beaten path..

    2. Thanks for your reviews - my husband and I are visiting for our anniversary in March and need suggestions. Hopefully more will be open!

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        1. re: phelana

          Phelana, do let me know if you visit again! We did a lot of research on Bermuda's foodways for the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, so I understand why the food is the way it is here - I'll tell you all about it when I see you :-)

          Lovely photos, and why I would never leave.

          mbc - what part of the island will you be staying in?

          1. re: Athena

            Athena, we are making final plans this weekend, but I am leaning towards the Fairmont Southampton. We really don't know anything about Bermuda, will that be convenient to non-hotel restaurants? I've been reading some of your posts and am starting a list : ). We are definitely wanting some local seafood and one especially nice dinner for our anniversary. So excited to come to your beautiful island!

            1. re: mbc1217

              The Fairmont Southampton is at the western end of the island and you will need some kind of transport to explore the island. It really depends on what kind of vacation experience you want - the SP has beach access and several restaurants to choose from - you never have the leave the property if don't want to.

              There is also the Fairmont Hamilton Princess in town, you'd be in walking distance of restaurants and shops and the ferry terminal - it's nice to take the ferry and see the island from the water. You would also have access to what SP offers.

              1. re: Athena

                Thanks! We definitely want to explore and eat elsewhere. I'll have to re-look and see how much more the Hamilton is.

                1. re: mbc1217

                  PS - so I didn't book the package, and overnight the price doubled. Boo. Can we eat well near Grotto Bay?

                  1. re: mbc1217

                    Grotto Bay is near the airport and the eastern end of the island. It's practically next door to the Swizzle Inn which may or may not appeal to you. It's pub grub essentially and I've never really understood the appeal of it either. The food is decent but nothing outstanding. That end of the island is unfortunately foundering with the economy not doing so well. There have been several closures in St Georges which kind of gives you a feel for what's happening in the local economy.

                    Tom Moore's is close to Grotto Bay, see comments above. Otherwise, your best bet for eating really is in and around Hamilton. If you look at previous threads, you can get a feel for what's decent and reasonably priced and what's casual and enjoyable.

                    Let us know if you have any additional questions and any of us would be more than happy to reply and provide more insight!

                    1. re: bdachow

                      MB since you are unfamiliar with BDA may I suggest a smaller more intimate property? The Fairmont is massive. We stayed there once when there was a special too good to pass up..didn't love it..we prefer The Reefs which is worth every penny but there are WONDERFUL smaller properties..Personally the only places I would eat near Grotto Bay (Stayed there too on a business was like a Holiday Inn..ok for what I needed) are Dennis's Hideaway and Black Horse Tavern..and Bailey's Ice Cream too...

                      1. re: phelana

                        I think you have to grow up in Bailey's Bay to appreciate Swizzle Inn. Which I did :-)

                        mbc - I'm so sorry that happened! Honestly, I wouldn't recommend Grotto Bay in March, it's going to be too chilly to take advantage of the beach and other water activities. As for St George's, there has never been a decent restaurant there. Maybe back during the Civil War when it was booming, but I wasn't around then.

                        I agree with Phelana on a smaller property, historically the large hotels have been foreign-owned, the cottage colonies and small hotels are Bermudian.

                        1. re: Athena

                          Thanks to all 3 of you! I have been avidly reading the Bermuda threads and have a long list of suggestions. When it gets closer to our trip and I've narrowed it down I'll get some more input. I'll definitely need help for our one really nice romantic dinner. One thing I'm really looking forward to is the sunset from Blackbeard's Hideout - did that close? We actually already made reservations at Grotto Bay, I was a little hesitant due to spotty reviews, but the travel agent said she had just been there and enjoyed it, so hopefully it will be fine. I don't anticipate spending a lot of time in the hotel anyway. Phelana, I did look at the Reefs website, it looks beautiful but out of our budget currently! Maybe one day! Looking forward to investigating and planning, and thanks in advance for your help for our trip - we are really looking forward to it, it will be our first trip away from the little ones.

                          1. re: mbc1217


                            For future reference, check this website. We travel to BDA every December for our anniversary and have always rented a small apt or studio. They are always clean, efficient, well stocked. Very affordable.Highly recommended. BB Hideaway has never been open when we are there. Maybe they close for vacation then or are closed for winter. Not sure.

                            1. re: shaebones

                              MBC, use GB as your base. Whilst you cannot really enjoy the sea (my very first trip to BDA I tried to swim in Feb.eeeee) you can take the bus into St. Georges and stroll the streets and take photos. St. Peters Church is lovely. Walk the loop (if fit) up to the unfinished church, around to Ft. St. Catherines and down the hill back to town. Have a guinness or dark and storm (do not eat at dining in St. G is abysmal) and then head back to the hotel. Lunch I guess you could try Swizzle Inn. We found it filthy our last visit. Also in your area are the caves (never did them so cannot recommend). Are you confident to try a scooter? If so it will make the trip fun. Bring a rain gear will most likely need it.

                              1. re: phelana

                                I bet that was a quick dip Phelana!

                                mbc - look forward to hearing from you closer to your arrival. I'm thinking Port O'Call for your anniversary dinner. May have to check it out next month in the interests of research :-)

                                1. re: phelana

                                  Sadly, the Swizzle Inn is always that grotty looking. Part of the charm/appeal?!?!?!

                                  I definitely recommend the caves, they are amazing and my mom said they were definitely way better than any caves she has seen anywhere (and she's kind of picky). They do a wonderful narration job as well.

                                  Ah back to the scooter debate. If you're confident, I'd suggest it but otherwise, I'd really not recommend, the traffic is getting worse every year and can be quite heart stopping.

                                  Athena, I'd be curious what you think or POC. I've not had good experiences lately, just the food portion relative to the price you're paying. I much prefer eating at Pearl upstairs (during happy hour of course). Although having said that, I love the cheese plate at POC.

                                  As for swimming in March, guess it's all relative to what you're used to. Cold for islanders but if you live in a cold climate (like Canada or Northern US, it's positively balmy! Hee hee...I've turned into an islander, no dipping for me!

                                  1. re: bdachow

                                    Thanks again to all, especially to Athena for selflessly volunteering herself for research : ) Shaebones, we'll definitely check out that website should we return, especially with the whole family. Although my husband is very excited at the prospect of a scooter, I believe I have managed to talk him out of it - the combination of fruity rum drinks and driving on the other side of the road just seems like a bad plan. We're from Mississippi, so I imagine the weather will be pretty consistent with what it is here, we'll see about swimming! Will check back in in a few weeks . . . Oh, the idea of Port O Call being a nice restaurant makes me laugh, whenever we have time we go to a restaurant in New Orleans called Port O Call, which is a hole in the wall hamburger place!

                                    1. re: mbc1217

                                      I've been to POC for lunch recently, so will happily volunteer to research dinner before mbc gets here. My son says he had the best steak frites ever - and he's been to Paris.

                                      Is Pearl mostly sushi? I do not like sushi.

                                      mbc - a scooter compromise may be to rent one for exploring the east end - St George's and St David's - there is little traffic during the day.

              2. re: Athena

                Hi Athena,
                We will be going to Bermuda next month. We will be staying at the Reefs.. I have been reading the Bermuda boards and would like to know your top couple of restaurants for lunch/dinner.
                Thank you,

                1. re: lverga

                  I love The Reefs.

                  For breakfast/lunch go to Tribe Road Kitchen in Hamilton, here is the link to their Facebook page which they update with menus every day. I would move in if I could:

                  Also for lunch - Harry's, great to sit outside have mojitos and lunch:

                  The Black Horse in St David's is old school Bermuda - shark hash, fish sandwiches and you can sit outside by the water.

                  Dinner - Rustico in Flatts, there's lots of Italians restaurants in Bermuda for some reason, but this is my favourite - they have great pasta, daily specials like beef cheeks on polenta, thin crust pizza. I like Beau Rivage - if you can sit outside - so beautiful. My son goes out for dinner more than I do so I will check with him - I know he likes Bolero.

                  Hope this helps :-)

                  1. re: Athena

                    Yes, thank you very much... we were there 20 years ago and have always wanted to come back. This will be my first time at the Reefs... it sounds great.
                    one more question.. am I imagining this or was/is there a restaurant in one of the caves?
                    Thanks again

                    1. re: lverga

                      Hmmm, maybe Gunpowder Tavern in St George's, not exactly a cave, but cave-like - old fort - don't know if it was still open 20 years ago though. Frog and Onion at the Royal Naval Dockyard feels cave-like too and is still around.

                      My son's wedding was at The Reefs last October - they did a wonderful dinner.

          2. Athena and BDA Chowhounds, would you say the food scene in BDA is improving? Anything opening in the months to come? Hoping to bring Mom back in June.

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            1. re: phelana

              Slowly improving...when were you last here again?

                1. re: phelana

                  The Reefs just hired a new chef - look forward to seeing what he produces.

                  1. re: Athena

                    I will let you know when I get back mid April. It seems they have 3 restaurants on site and I am eager to try them all. Do you know which restaurant the chef will be at or does she/he oversee all 3?

                  2. re: phelana

                    There's a new bbq joint opening on South Shore, by the gas station called Q's. Think it's just opening now.

                    64 degrees at Port Royal golf course is closing down.

                    There's some rumbling that the old Greg's Steakhouse in Hamilton is supposed to be opening as a Middle Eastern type resto. But no set date.

                    Tribe Road Kitchen is definitely worth a visit, corner of King and Reid St in Hamilton. Just be forewarned, it's not for the calorie conscious and they love mayo. The sandwiches are very filling and on Saturday morning, they do brunch starting from 10:30 or 11 with really great dishes. Their eggs benny with sausage on home made biscuits is so delicious.

                    Taste at 141 Front Street, closer to the BUEI side of Hamilton also opened up. Their truffle fries are very truffly if you like that. I find their menu to be hit and miss sometimes but have overall enjoyed it.

                    Smokin Barrel is a new bbq food truck located next to the Ferry terminal in Hamilton. I've not eaten there but the office folks all seem to like it and their hours are very generous.

                    Little Mexico is also a new food truck serving fresh Mexican offerings. She used to have a small stand at the weekend City Farmer's market. She's now located a little bit west of City Hall in Hamilton. She's fairly pricey for the portion size but I haven't been back in a while now. I love her fresh fruit juices/agua fresca and her salsa is very bright in flavours.

                    Seaside Grill opened as well, located on North Shore Road in Devonshire. A friend called their fish sandwich one of the best on the island but I've yet to make it there. Their claim to fame is using local fish. They do delivery, just not sure the extent of their delivery range. If you google them, I think you can find the new article of their opening and the menu is on the background of one of their pictures. Otherwise, if you're traveling by taxi, just call ahead and order and have your cab stop for a pickup.

                    Off the top of my head, that's all I remember at this time.

              1. The Newport Room at the Southhampton Princess, is one of the best restaurants I have ever eaten in. It is up there with the French Laundry, in my opinion. The chef will customize the tasting menu to your liking, especially if you go back more than once.

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                1. re: foodwhisperer

                  boy, thank you all for the suggestions.. i will only be there a week , I think I need a month or two!

                    1. re: Athena

                      So sad to hear that since I was looking forward to dining there when I return to Bermuda in October (it was closed for renovation last time I was in Bermuda--October 2009). Planning to return to the Waterlot Inn. Where else should I try for fine dining. I'm staying at Cambridge Beaches. Thanks for all suggestions.

                      1. re: ellenost

                        The Newport Room opens for special occasions still and I believe that in the summer, it opens up again for a couple nights per week. That's what they did last summer but not sure if the same will apply this year.

                        Athena should be able to comment on how the new chef at the Reefs is working out. Out that way, I rather like The Dining Room at Gibb's Hill Lighthouse, it's a cozy room with a nice view and the food is pretty good.

                      2. re: Athena

                        WOW, The Newport Room is such an amazing place. I'm gonna cry. I believe Michael Douglas' place closed also, that was good food, not amazing.

                        1. re: foodwhisperer

                          The Newport Room has been reinvented as a gastropub and will open again in late May. The menu is online at the Fairmont Southampton website. Yet another restaurant fallen to 'casual dining'.

                          I'll be able to comment on The Reefs next month...

                          1. re: Athena

                            Shame but understandable. It was really the last bastion of the old school formal dining where men had to wear jackets at dinner the entire time. And therefore not surprising that they're changing it to casual dining given that not many guests carry a dinner jacket while on vacation anymore.

                            1. re: bdachow

                              There's still Cambridge Beaches, and I think Tucker's Point require jackets at dinner.

                              1. re: Athena

                                What are your thoughts about the restaurants at Cambridge Beaches (since I'll be staying there in October)?

                                1. re: Athena

                                  Ah, correct, I went with all ladies before so didn't take note of the dress code at Tucker's. Thanks for the tip!

                        2. re: lverga

                          We arrived on Tues and decided to have dinner at our hotel...
                          Ocean Echos at the reefs.. The restaurant looks out over the ocean... great view.. really something.
                          My daughter loved that they had "mocktails" for kids.
                          For starters we enjoyed Shrimp summer rolls and the roasted corn and chicken chowder. The seared beef tenderloin was a litttle too salty for my husband.
                          Next came the salad.. they called it Bermuda greens. Nothing special
                          We all had the pistachio crusted tuna. Excellent highlight of meal

                          Apple strudel n ginger creme brûlée. My daughter the expert said it was ok

                          Breakfast was included in our package so we did not have to go anywhere else.
                          Coconuts at Reefs
                          Again, the view is great... a really nice place to sit and dine.... It was great to be outdoors.
                          Fish chowder to start
                          1st bowl of the trip and worth the wait. Very good and spicy with addition of rum and sherry peppers
                          We had Fish cakes...3 decent size cakes. Crunchy outside. Lots of fish inside. Not a ton of filler. Very good
                          My daughter liked the Cheese quesadilla, however, avoid the guacamole. and my husband had the Jerk chicken salad. Comes in tortilla. Very good
                          Bolero Front St. Hamilton... was voted business of month of April in one of the local periodicals.
                          We loved the Escargot. Rich buttery garlicky tender
                          Mixed green and herb salad. Very good
                          Brasserie Salad with feta olives baby artichoke pistachios. Delicious
                          Cesar salad. served in crouton ring. Good
                          Black linguini with clams and calamari. Great
                          Cod with butter sause and mussels wonderful
                          Local Tuna with cous cous, lime, cumin. Sushi grade seared raw great. Bursting with flavor.
                          We had sorbet
                          Mango lemon raspberry. We had to try all 3 flavors... perfect ending to perfect meal
                          Freeport seafood restaurant.
                          Fish chowder good. Always best with the black rum and sherry peppers.
                          Shrimp curry. Shrimp were perfectly done. However, the curry was very mild if somewhat bland.
                          Henry VIII
                          Walking distance from hotel... we were too tired to go into Hamilton.
                          1st course
                          Fish chowder again. Saltier than I like but very good
                          Fried calamari not the best choice. Just ok. Not real crispy
                          Mixed field green salad very good
                          Bonito with shrimp. It was fresh local caught according to the wait staff, with a Macadamia crust it was pretty good not great
                          My daughter ordered the Fettuccine Alfredo...Good. Nothing special
                          All in all it was fine for how tired we were... I wouldn't go out of my way to go back.. although I was told later on in the trip that they have bands on Friday nights which are supposed to be fun.
                          Lemon tart with lemon sorbet. Tart very good. Sorbet not as good as Bolero
                          Service left a lot to be desired there was a lot of staff, however, they seemed to be running around in circles. Ironically, place also has a sushi bar... I did not see anybody from chowhound recommend it so we as much as we love sushi we decided to leave it be.
                          Lunch swizzle inn
                          We were informed almost immediately, by a nice couple from Toronto to avoid the fish chowder.. they said it was thin and watery... the most disappointing one they've had.
                          We started with the trio dip of humus, artichoke and olive tapenade with pita wedges and garlic toast the menu also said celery and grape tomatoes, however, they were more like a garnish only 2 of each. Each spread was quite tasty and best with garlic toast
                          Then, we had the sea breeze fish sandwich which was baked wahoo served on multigrain bread That was really good
                          and the wahoo burger with cilantro, lime and wasabi mayo was very good as well
                          Side salad and French fries... I think it was worth it.. and can't forget the Run Swizzle... yum.
                          The Ocean Echos at the Reefs
                          We had the Crab cakes and also the lobster bisque, both were very good
                          2nd course
                          My husband really liked the Pâté. We also had the Antipasto which was delicious as well
                          Also enjoyed the Capreese salad with Mozzarella.
                          Main course
                          My husband & I both had the Rockfish. A Bermuda staple and very good. Served with Haricot Vert and wild rice. Really tasty
                          My daughter loved the Seafood Tagliatelle. Delicious. It was loaded with Rock crab and mussels and mushrooms.
                          Bananas foster. A classic
                          Lunch... Coconuts at Reefs again
                          Fish chowders all around... they forgot the Rum and Sherry peppers this time.
                          Pulled pork sandwich and they forgot the rest....
                          Don't know what happened the service just fell apart and it took forever to get lunch. The poor bartender kept jumping out from behind the bar to serve.. I think they were training new recruits... It was the only service problem we had at the Reefs.. so I think it was an isolated incident.

                          The Ocean Echo at the Reefs again. Too lazy to go anywhere else n the menu changes every day.. just be aware.. if you are not on any kind of a food plan, Ocean Echo is prix fixe $60.00 per head.. there is a kids menu for the little ones.
                          my husband & I had the Seared Scallops... delicious. My daughter had the truffle Mac n cheese very good
                          2nd, Salad
                          House with greens, goat cheese, mandarin oranges and Cajun almonds. Fresh and tasty
                          and we also had the Candied pecans n pears with greens. Well done
                          My daughter & I had the Tandoor style shrimp baby Bok choi and sweet potatoe purée really delicious... 2nd best meal of the trip.. Bolero was the best for me

                          My husband had the Mahi mahi wrapped in parma ham with risotto and asperagus... he said it was his best meal of trip
                          Wild berry tart and coconut creame pie both delicious
                          Sun last day
                          Lunch at the Dining Room at the Gibbs Light House..
                          1st.. Fish chowder... I think it was the best we've had on the island...Yes, you have to have it with the black rum and sherry peppers

                          My husband and daughter had the Pizza... the crust looked homemade, however it was just so so.
                          I had the smoked salmon, arugula and goat cheese sandwich this was really good. I think it was homemade foccia bread.

                          All in all it was a great trip... Bermuda is a truly beautiful island with beautiful people.. We will definitely be back!!!! and Thank you to everyone at Chowhound!

                          1. re: lverga

                            Thanks for posting back, it's always great to get feedback and sounds like you had a lovely trip. Come again soon!

                            1. re: bdachow

                              Thought I would mention our dining experience, although its not likely to be too different from previous comments...

                              Having read through many of the Bermuda related posts (especially from Athena and bdachow - thanks) we weren't expecting to be blown away and figured we would try and save our dining budget for back home. That said we have so far dined at The Dining Room at The Lighthouse, Bacci, and La Trattoria as well as grabbing bits and bites around Hamilton (Miles, Bakery - crow lane?) and Southampton where we're holed up (Dock at the Waterlott, Newton room, etc)

                              Overall food was meh.. as expected (Although Bermuda really is a beautiful island).

                              The lighthouse was probably best so far... pretty much as we were expecting with a tasty veal risotto and an ok thin crust pizza... Lovely setting

                              Bacci underwhelmed but was a last minute 10pm decision and being captive at the fairmont it was that or not much else... didn't expect much, got even less (others seemed content though)

                              La Trat was also a last minute call walking around Hamilton .. as expected, decent but I found the lighthouse pizza better... Thinking we really should have gone to POC or Bolero instead as we had originally intended

                              Miles has some tasty offerings to go / groceries as did the bakery we grabbed some banana bread at in town

                              The dock at Waterlott had a nice vibe and food was ok for small bites.. The new Newton room does not seem to reflect the reputation of its predecessor.. let's leave it at that.

                              So it comes down to one or two more meals and we're thinking Blu or Beau Rivage or maybe even Waterlott or a wildcard and possibly Harrys for a lunch... Any input in terms of best meal / highest quality? Either way I will try and post back as I have slightly higher expectations for those...

                              Sorry if that doesn't help anyone else too much but hopefully it could a little..

                              Greetings from Bermuda.... And I must say, the weather at this time is spectacular!


                              1. re: jteezy

                                I've never been happy at Blu even when my other DP's have been pretty happy so I haven't been in ages. Same with Beau Rivage although the views from both are pretty, ask for window side seats when reserving. Harry's for lunch I love. Am a frequent guest there because of their steak sandwich which is on the bar and dining room menu. I'd stick to the bar area for a more casual and relaxed lunch. Waterlot I've always been conflicted. I find the food is pretty good but for me, service has always been a miss while all my friends have never had service issues. Good luck, and yes, the weather is great this time of year. Enjoy the sand and warm weather!

                                1. re: bdachow

                                  ... Just saw your reply now as we're boarding our flight but somehow followed your advice anyways

                                  We had the bar menu at Harry's and the steak sandwich was indeed tasty.. Some nice spice in the cheese

                                  We opted for Waterlott where the food was quite good, though nothing mind blowing
                                  (once again, as we had anticipated based on previous mentions) and the service was actually very good so perhaps you should give it another whirl sometime.
                                  Hopefully it'll be better for you now.

                                  Blu and Beau Rivage will have to wait for the next trip to Bermuda. Thanks again to all for your opinions... It certainly was helpful... Until next time...


                                  1. re: jteezy

                                    Until next time! Glad we could be of some help to you! And I'll have to take up your advice and try Waterlot again one day.