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Jan 24, 2010 07:32 AM

Guide to LC colors?

Hi - I'm a LC newbie, and am wondering if there is any online resource that would tell me the history/timeline of LC's colors?

For example, I know Cassis is the newest, but what the story on Saffron, Paprika (Chili) and Catus? Are these old color or new colors? I've been doing a lot of browsing on eBay, and actually saw the Cassis on there at least a month before it was at Sur la Table!

Just trying to make sure I know the facts so that I don't get taken by an auction for a "rare" color that's may be not so rare!

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  1. Don't have a resource for you, but here's a few thoughts I hope help.

    I love LC ovens and braisers and have a few in different colors. I always thought aubergine would be a great color and have sent the company many emails over the years asking them to consider offering that color for more than just the eggplant shaped piece. Of course they went unanswered, but it is finally here.

    Anyway in my quest I discovered there different colors are offered in other parts of the world first (antique rose in Japan and S. Africa now), eventually come to the US with different names like my coveted aubergine (aubergine or fig in Europe is cassis in US), and even within the US same or very similar colors are offered as "exclusive" in different stores (I think lemongrass "exclusive" to Williams Sonoma is kiwi elsewhere) and those exclusives eventually make it to other stores including outlets and discount stores like Marshall's.

    I was in the local Le Creuset outlet store 2 weeks ago and there were having a sale on their "limited edition" paprika. Honestly I had to really look at it closly to see a difference from the normal red shade. No big deal. If you Google you'll see it's on sale in their outlets everywhere so not so sure what's so special about it. Also colors seem to come and go and get reintroduced. Don't remember the name of the yellow piece I have, maybe saffron? It was sold at WS a few years ago and I bought it at the outlet. It was supposedly discontinued but it looks identical to the "new exclusive" citron offered at WS now.

    My point is choose a color you like and shape and size you'll use because once you use it you'll love it and it seems what goes around comes around as far as color goes so I wouldn't get hung up on a quest for what's "rare". Eventually LC pink and lavender enameled cast iron and other "rare" colors will make it here if the demand is here. I'd purchase on EBay if I really wanted that color, but I would definitly not pay more or even retail since you can always find it on sale somewhere. Do your homework and see what a piece would go for at WS, Sur la Table, Bloomingdales, Macy's, Bed Bath & Beyond and the outlets ON SALE and use that for a guide and make sure shipping is included since it weighs a ton!
    I loved the Caribbean Blue that was exclusive to Sur la Table a couple of years ago, but I wasn't going to pay full price. I got a piece at the outlet a few months ago and I'll do the same when cassis gets there.

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    1. re: Island

      I actually work in industrial color for a living, so subtleties in color make a difference to me - I like color harmony in my home. For example, citron is a very green-shade yellow, and dijon is more mid-shade, but still on the green side.

      That being said, does anyone know if Saffron is a redder shade of yellow than Dijon?

      1. re: rovergal

        gah. that's why pantone is worth a mint - Dijon, saffron and citron are very subjective terms.

        1. re: Soop

          That would be absolutely perfect - Pantone references for all the colors! Great idea! Maybe I'll take my Pantone book to WS the next time I go!

          1. re: rovergal

            I guess you'd need at least 2, maybe 3, for the shaded colors ...

    2. All I know is, colours are dependent on counrty, so we have colours not available in the states and vice-versa.

      Also, many colours are exclusive, especially with Williams Sonoma and SLT.

      I've never seen a distinct timeline. I'd just choose a colour you like, either one that goes with your kitchen, or if it's a one-off, maybe something unique to draw attention.

      I'm kind of regretting getting a grey frying pan (although the pan itself is incredible) rather than red, but am very happy with my blue DO.

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      1. re: Soop

        On the off chance this is a 23cm skillet in Granite, I'd know a buyer who might interested in it!

        1. re: pass

          It's this one (26cm)

          But in granite. TBH, I'd want to buy another one in a different colour so A) unless they really wanted the granite one specifically, and wanted to pay full price, and B) lived in England (ideally around the corner) shipping would be prohibitive!

        2. re: Soop

          Hi Soop I have been going a little crazy buying pieces in Black Onyx and one Black Satin so I can try the difference black enamel interior surface. But have never found the black colours in the UK - do you recall ever seeing it or can you offer any retail LC sources so I don't have to pay prohibitive shipping to buy in North America and ship?

          1. re: knet

            Let me think... I've definitely seen a black one on ebay, and I think on Amazon. Granite is different to black though.

            Can you make a post about your results? Because my pan didn't explicitly say it was the black satin enamel (although it is black) and I'd like to know the difference.

            I'll check a few sources now.

            What pieces did you want? Here:



            1. re: Soop

              Thanks Soop.

              First liink is the blackx onyx. I have 3.5 wide and wide round and want to do the same in UK kitchen

              Second is the black satin. Again, have the round french oven and want to get the same in UK

              Looked around a bit at Christmas but didn't see any black, satin or glossy. I'd rather avoid those shipping costs and buy them in the UK

              The black satin has the same interior as the grill pans, etc. No seasoning required and it IS enamelled but quite different to the smooth, glossy porcelain interior of the other LC

              1. re: knet

                so if theenamel is black, it's black satin? the desciption matches.
                Mine is on my fryig pan BTW

                1. re: Soop

                  Interior enamel black is black satin. the black onyx is glossy inside and out and has the light coloured interior - i am trying to find either or both in the uk

        3. I'm getting a Saffron duthc oven off of eBay as of today - I'm anxious to find out what color it really is! I looked at Dijon quite closely yesterday, in daylight, and have decided that I don't like that color much at all!

          1. Cindy,

            I posted a guide to the colors on ebay. Go to the ebay site map, then find guides. It's in the home&garden section.


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              1. re: emilyisabella30

                Emily - thank you so much for posting this - what a great guide for a LC newbie like me! And thanks foiegras for the direct link!

                I'm totally in love with Saffron right now - after getting a piece from eBay, I found two more at TJMaxx this weekend. So now I'm selling my other colors of those pieces so I can keep the Saffron!

                Emily, I noticed you don't have the 2-digit code for the Saffron - where would one find that? I have the box for one of these pots, as well as the original bar-code label on the bottom. Let me know, and I'll try to get that for you.

                Also, don't forget to add the Chili Red (Paprika) to your list - the outlets had it just as of last month. I can get you that 2-digit code as well.

                And just FYI, there's an antique rose buffet casserole on eBay right now. Not my cup of tea, but I'm sure someone would love to have pink cookware!

                1. re: rovergal

                  I have a saffron 6-3/4 qt. round wide oven I'd like to sell. My wife wants a different color. If interested, search for "le creuset" and my listing will pop up in Aurora, IL if it's still available.
                  According to Emily's guide, Saffron began as a color in 1992.

              2. Cindy, another color added. "Truffle" at Bloomies. Haven't checked yet but reminded me of chessnut, which was discontinued last year? Maybe a bit grossier.


                Introducing Truffle at Bloomingdale's Launching exclusively at Bloomingdale's this March, Truffle is a beautiful, versatile neutral designed to truly adapt to mulitple surroundings. This all-new tone is the result of a passionate effort by our artisans in Fresnoy-Le-Grand to push neutrals into new realms of richness and depth. Be sure to visit a Bloomingdale's location near you this month to see Truffle firsthand on some of your favorite Le Creuset cookware.

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                1. re: hobbybaker

                  I can't wait to see that in person - I will definitely need to have a piece in that color. I actually think it will go well with my flame/cherry/saffron pieces! Thanks for sharing!

                  1. re: rovergal

                    I haven't found a guide to the colors.. did find this though.. it looks like it lists the "staples".


                    1. re: rovergal

                      Hi, LC lovers! Went to Bloomies, today and took a look at the new "Truffle" color in person. It was not a deep chocolate color that I expected from the name of "Truffle". But I did not hate that much as brondelle discribed in the other thread. Not that bad to me. It is to me too grossy though. Also, the stainless steel knob is kind of a mismatch to the color to me.

                      BTW, there, to my surprise, I saw an unfamiliar (?) enameled cast iron round shaped pot (with a lid like the heritage line), which I have never seen before anywhere elese including my local LC outlet store. The sales person told me the size is 2 qt. After returning home, I looked for it on the web but have never found yet even at bloomies' own site, except for the LC's website' s slide show for the heritage line. As the slide show does not stop, I cannot attach it as a photo, but I paste the link... hope you'll see it.
                      1) If you go the the slide show, wait the slide of a big lid. Then the next slide comes.
                      2) It is the one at the very left and bottom. The small round one with a lid like heritage line, with two half round shaped handles.

                      It was priced at $169 and after a discount (Bloomies are now on families and friends sale until tomorrow.) still around $140. As the knob of the lid can be hot, it is not as practical as the 2 qt DO. Bloomies have them in red, blue and orange. IMO, the orange one is so cute and so tempting to buy this small baby, but I did not give in:)
                      I already have a 2 qt DO as my rice/grain cooker but hope someday near future I will see it at the outlet store. Then I might give in:)

                      Has anyone seen this somewhere?? I have never seen it, other than bloomies, even at WS or Ebay.


                      1. re: hobbybaker

                        are you talking about this one? I've not seen it, but it is cute.

                        1. re: grnidkjun

                          Ya, excatly! It is so cute in orange, but still expensive considering its small size. Waiting for its appearance at the outlet:)

                          1. re: grnidkjun

                            grnid, now I know it is called, Le Creuset Heritage Collection Legumiers. I see them at Amazon, on top of bloomies, in three colors, although it is still pre-order status. "Legumier" means vegitable..



                            1. re: hobbybaker

                              oh man.. something else to wait for at the outlets... bad influence!! lol