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Jan 24, 2010 07:25 AM

self-guided food tour in Medford / Ashland / southern Oregon

I will be visiting the region for a couple of days this week. On my list already is a visit to Rogue River Creamery. What other markets or businesses showcase local food? Is a visit to Harry and David's interesting or delicious?

And where to eat? Most of the recommendations on the board are for proper meals, but I'll be grazing and on my own -- and some of the favorite options appear not to be open mid-week off-season, which is when I am visiting. Where's the best breakfast pastries? Lunchtime sandwiches? Quick snacks? Anything else not to miss?

Thanks very much in advance.

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  1. There have been many Ashland restaurant threads. Take ten seconds, do a search, and you'll find them.

    Harry & David? I wouldn't bother.

    Go to Dagoba Chocolate!

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      Hadn't realized Dagoba is local -- good tip! Their website shows a retail location, which I'll definitely visit, but no mention of a factory tour or other "experience." Is there something in addition to the retail store I could see or do @ Dagoba?

    2. One of the best places to sample local products would be the Ashland Food Co-op (237 North 1st Street), which would seem to be an ideal fit for what you are looking for - excellent sandwiches/snacks/pastries and also a "hot bar" menu. Also good wine prices, in case you want to pick up some Oregon Pinot Noir's as part of your trip.