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What is your favorite Food TV show?

My current must watch is Chopped, of course I never miss No Reservations. I still have throwdown & good eats on series record.

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  1. Mine are Anthony Bordain's No Reservation on the Travel Channel and Tyler's Ultimate on Food Network.

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      Remember when Tylers Ultimate used to be a travel show? He would focus on a dish and go to where ever in the world made it best. He would learn that version, then come home and do his own version. That was a great show.

      1. re: Robert Ogden

        I have been a long time fan of Tyler, but I have to say that the last few shows that I have watched I have had to turn off. He has started to heavily breath into the microphone, like he is out of breath during the whole show. I am not sure if it is because he has moved to SFO and stopped walking in NYC, or what, but cooking his food loses his appeal, if I think I'll gain 20 pounds and not be able to complete a sentence without two deep breaths.

        1. re: vstock

          Tyler wears a tight corset underneath his shirt and it effects his breathing. If you watch closely you can see the top of the corset occasionally.

    2. Diners, Drive In's and Dives, Chopped and Hells Kitchen.

      1. My DVR records: No Reservations, Secrets of a Restaurant Chef, Tyler's Ultimate and Barefoot Contessa (I often end up deleting her show after watching about half an episode, it's gotten so dumbed down now), Top Chef, Next Food Network Star and Next Iron Chef.

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          add good eats & bizare foods and you its the same as mine :)

        2. Barefoot Contessa and Secrets of a Restaurant Chef

          1. hulu.com has a food show, Diary of a Foodie, that Gourmet was making. It's excellent. Though I doubt there will be any more, there are 10 episodes for free on Hulu, now.

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            1. America's Test Kitchen, DDD, Jacques Pepin Fast Food My Way, Barefoot Contessa, The Neelys, Colameco's Kitchen, Tyler's Ultimate.

              And when it used to be on, Everyday Food.

              I enjoy Lidia's show less and less. Too much traveling in Italy. Please just cook.

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              1. re: gloriousfood

                I think Everyday Food is back now, but there have been some cast changes.


                Just checked out the Recipes page, I will return to that!

                1. re: coney with everything

                  Hey, thanks! You're right about the cast change...interesting.

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                  Oh, and Nigella on the FN, when I can wake up early enough on Saturday morning to catch her.

                3. Top Chef and No Reservations are neck and neck. Very different styles of shows so I think I can rank them both as #1 in my book.

                  1. What was the Rick Bayliss show on PBS...One plate at a time or something, the show was a little wierd, but great recipies. I made the pumpkin seed dip once, delicious!

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                    1. re: Robert Ogden

                      I believe it is "Mexico, one plate at a time."

                      1. re: Robert Ogden

                        Robert, was it the Yucatecan Pumpkinseed Dip, or the Toasted Pumpkinseed Guacamole?

                        1. re: goodhealthgourmet

                          I think it was the yucatecan dio, it was easy and very tasty...I gotta find that recipe again!

                      2. Top Chef, NR, America's Test Kitchen, Mexico One Plate at a Time, Iron Chef America (depends on the match up), Iron Chef Japan (reruns on FLN), and DDDs. Interesting that many posted here have similar lists. Someitme I will catch a few weekend morning shows on TFN while puttering around the house. Things like Nealys, Aida, etc can be interesting some times.

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                        1. re: Befuness

                          I can't watch Rick. He talks like Vincent Price....he should have one eyebrow lifted.

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                            I get that too - but not Vincent Price - it's odder than that. :) My favorites are Hell's Kitchen, Barefoot Contessa, and Cook's Illustrated.

                        2. lovin Ina Garten, especially when she takes us food shopping. There are some interesting programs on PBS on Saturday. I wish we could get reruns of Julia Chid.

                          1. PBS..Martin Yan, Lydia, America's Test Kitchen/Cooks Country, Jacques and Julia, Avec Eric.

                            Travel Channel...Bourdain

                            Food Network...DD&D, Iron Chef, Chopped and re-runs of Tylers Ultimate and Alton Brown's Good Eats.

                            Bravo...Top Chef

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                              1. re: melly

                                I just need to move in with Melly.....no one would fight over what to watch.

                                Just what to cook!

                              2. No Reservations and Good Eats. I've been watching Alton for about ten years, now. He's an old friend. ;-)

                                1. No Reservations.

                                  ATK/CC, Jacques, Julia, Mexico: OP@T, Primal Grill.

                                  3D, Good Eats.


                                  1. Worst Cooks in America, Diners Driveins & Dives, and Throw Down. Any anything with Sunny Anderson because she's HOT!

                                    1. Diners Drive Ins & Dives, Barefoot Contessa, Iron Chef America, The Original Iron Chef (which I find more interesting than ICA because of the ingredients) Top Chef..I also enjoy watching Easy Entertaining with Michael Chiarello even though the episodes are old

                                      Even though the shows on the Travel Channel are not cooking shows, I adore Anthony Bourdain for his ability to say whatever he darn well wants to. And I watch Andrew Zimmern and Man vs. Food

                                      1. No Reservations, Chopped, Iron Chef, Good Eats, J & J, and a weird little show on PlanetGreen, Big Chef, Little Chef, with Heston Blumenthal revamping a washed up English road side restaurant chain; seems to be on only at 4 am. Drama!

                                        1. Iron Chef America and Diners, Drive-Ins, & Dives.

                                          On PBS, any of Jacques Pepin's series. I learn something from him with almost every show I watch.

                                          1. I'm confused because when I see "Food TV" I think Food Network and I HATE the Food Network because most their "chefs" are talentless hacks.
                                            Now if you are asking which is my favorite television cooking show, then No Reservations and RIck Bayless's Mexico One Plate at a Time.

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                                            1. Throwdown and Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. I can't stand watching Bobby or Guy, but I love the concepts of both of these shows.

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                                              1. re: woodleyparkhound

                                                I used to hate Bobby until I really watched him on Iron chef, and went to his place in Vegas. The boy can cook! Guy...still on my hate list, but I love the travel/food concept as well. Actually I am tryng to get my own show.

                                                1. re: Robert Ogden

                                                  I don't watch the Food Network anymore since they joined the ranks of 'reality' stupidity, and I don't like seeing the sensationalistic chewing of live animals.

                                                  Man vs Food is the least objectionable food show on the air right now. I sorely miss Sarah Moulton and the old Alton.

                                                  Julia must be spinning in her grave.

                                                  1. re: anonymouse1935

                                                    "sensationalistic chewing of live animals."
                                                    I don't understand what you mean by that, especially on FN, where even a lobster is given privacy while being dispatched on Iron Chef.
                                                    Or are the animals you're referring to of the human variety?

                                              2. On the FN - Nigella, Barefoot Contessa and, of course, Alton Brown. I also really like America's Test Kitchen and love Lidia on PBS.

                                                1. Love EVERYTHING about Chef Academy! Very quirky and very inspiring. Great to see Novelli treating the food seriously, instead of himself!!! (Unlike so many others!!!! ) Fun to see people learning without directly competing with each other. I really hope another season is coming!!!

                                                  Also love watching how the Neelys work together in the kitchen, even though it's not my kind of food. Also like Ina and Giada.

                                                  1. Does anybody else think that "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" is the best food porn on TV these days? I do.

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                                                    1. re: croissantkelly

                                                      Especially the chocolate coconut-topped cupcake segment with Alex, and an insert of Sandra Lee happily stuffing her face with a cupcake "sandwich." Over the top.

                                                      1. America's Test Kitchen/Cook's Country; Jacques and Julia; John Folse's new show (I cannot remember the name of it--it is on PBS); Avec Eric; No Reservations.

                                                        I still like Ina, but I can only take her in small doses these days as her show is nothing but reruns, reruns, reruns...I like her books better. I still like Tyler, but he has gained too much weight--he needs to have healthier recipes.

                                                        I wish that I could get my hands on some vintage shows like Nathalie Dupree; Julia Child French Chef; Two Hot Tamales and the original "In Search Of"..with that nice guy Jim whatever-his-last-name-is.

                                                        1. Ina, Tyler, No Reservations, Bizarre Foods (always love learning about other cultures!) and DDD.

                                                          just a wee tad OT, but there used to be a show, on PBS, I think, featuring two cute LOLITS (little ole ladies in tennis shoes!) who drove up on a scooter in the intro. Based in England, I'm pretty sure. I believe one of the ladies passed away a few years ago. I loved them, but added years plus subtracted brain cells have taken their toll. Just curious if anyone remembers their names, I'd like to look them up again.

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                                                          1. re: southern_expat

                                                            Ming Tsai, Lidia Bastianich and Giada are my favorites.

                                                            1. re: southern_expat

                                                              Two Fat Ladies... Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Paterson, Paterson being the deceased one. The show ran from 1996 to '99 and it was great, controversy aside. Long gone but definitely not forgotten.

                                                              More show info, courtesy of Wiki. This link also has episode and recipe info:

                                                              1. re: bushwickgirl

                                                                THANK YOU! This thread made me think about the show, but I couldn't dredge up from my dilapidated memory anything I could google. You made my day!

                                                                1. re: southern_expat

                                                                  The complete set of DVDs from Two Fat Ladies is available. Try your library or Netflix if you don't want to purchase them outright.

                                                            2. Anything NOT on TFN. But specifically, I'm liking Avec Eric, Hubert Keller: Secrets of a Chef, and all of the old Julia Child shows in reruns. For a laugh, there's a "local" show that's just godawful. My Washington D.C. PBS channel changed to a central Virginia channel, and suddenly many great shows were replaced with "Virginia Farming" and some boondocks local horror called "Cooking with Tassie" that's like a train wreck. It's so horribly, horribly, HORRIBLY wrong that sometimes I can't stop watching.

                                                              1. I just saw an episode of The Andy Griffith Show on TVLand, back from the 60's, where Aunt Bea got a job as a cooking show chef on a local station. She lasted all of two episodes, as there was no one to cook supper for Andy and Opie, awwwwh.
                                                                Anyway, she prepared a prime rib for roasting and actually inserted pieces of slivered garlic into the roast. Pretty forward thinking for them days.

                                                                1. Anne Burell's show is growing on me. Not fond of the cutesy phrasing...too RR...but she cooks with actual ingredients and in a very approachable way.

                                                                  And she looks like a woman that enjoys her food! Can't trust a skinny chef, IMO :)

                                                                  1. No Reservations and America's Test Kitchen.

                                                                    1. America's Test Kitchen, Cooks Country, Good Eats, Secrets of a restaurant Chef, Tyler's Ultimate

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                                                                        1. re: Puffin3

                                                                          Ah Bruno...('Beachcombers' rock!)

                                                                          Used to watch 'Celebrity Cooks' when I would come home from school.

                                                                          I remember that Julia Child was on that show. She towered over him. That might even have been the first time I ever saw her on TV.

                                                                      1. My current favorites are Nigella, Supersizers and Jamie At Home.

                                                                        1. Master Chef...LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

                                                                          Next Food Network Star

                                                                          Good Eats

                                                                          Throwdown (love Bobby)

                                                                          1. Right now, my favorites include Anne Burrell and Melissa D'Arabian. I think both women have very good concepts and they deliver.
                                                                            Another mention goes to Michael Symon's Suppers.

                                                                            1. Favourite: Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares - UK
                                                                              Least liked: Bitchin' Kitchen

                                                                              1. It's a tie. The Barefoot Contessa and America's Test Kitchen.