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Jan 24, 2010 05:24 AM

Suggestion for restaurants on Cap in Mid-March

I'm taking my niece for a three day stay in Provincetown in mid-March. We're staying on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, so I'm sure restaurants are limited. My niece loves lobster rolls, fried clams, and chowders and will eat any or all of these daily. I'd like something more upscale for a dinner or two and am willing to drive anywhere on the Cap. I appreciate any and all suggestions.

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  1. Not sure if these Provincetown restaurants are open in March so you will want to check; is a good place to start. When I'm in the area I like:
    Bayside Betsy's for brunch especially their lobster eggs benedict;
    Way Down Town is a nice casual spot for pizza; sandwiches, light lunch
    Ross's Grill for a more upscale casual feel
    You may find more options in Orleans. Land Ho is a great lunch spot. They make a really nice clam chowder and have fried clams on their menu. Have fun!!

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      There should be enough open in March. If Red Inn is open try that for that special meal. Some are loving Victors. Have not been yet. Ross's was ok but a little loud for me. Used to work in Orleans. "The Ho/Land Ho" was a local watering hole..not sure how the food is so will defer to Peg...

      If Wicked Oyster is open in Wellfleet try that and Tera Luna in Truro. We loved The Mews and if you like vodka, you are in heaven. Ask for a waterview table. Try Fanzini's maybe in P Town? Malasadas at the die for...

      Oh and if you are in Orlean's the best bagel on Cape is at JoMama's on 6 A. WOW...My best friends, a local swears by Mahoney's for tuna sashimi...

    2. The Mews is my favorite Ptown restaurant....possibly favorite restaurant period. It's open year-round.
      I agree that JoMama's is great for bagels and sandwiches.
      Here is a good guide for what is open in March: