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Jan 24, 2010 01:47 AM

salami dried to impossible

Friend came for dinner with a selection delicious dried sausage/salami. One was impossible to cut, it is so dried. We hacked through part and it was delicious but really cannot be sliced and I'm looking for suggestions of what to do with the rest of it.

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  1. Cut it as best you can into cubes and serve it with cubed cheese.

    1. Chunk or cube as small as possible, or shred with a vegetable peeler and simmer in a pot of tomato based sweet and sour cabbage soup.

      My grandfather always used the ends of dried salami as well as older dried out sausages as the meat flavoring in the cabbage soup.

      I still dice salami into my cabbage soup, even if I don't have dried, but dried is so less greasy.

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        I think this is good idea, like using old dried ends of parmesan. And I think it's will work great in white bean soup, too.

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          Along those lines, try it in pasta e fagioli (pasta fazool!). I usually use chunks of pepperoni in mine--salami would work, too.

      2. Grate and use in eggs or on the cheese of an open faced grilled cheese sandwich.

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          try soaking then simmering in wine ..........steaming using water (herbed) or broth????? worth a shot

        2. thats how i like it .i snack on it watching knife and i just cut off slivers.

          1. I was just having the same problem with my favorite cacciatore sausage. Tried to use a truffle shaver with limited success. The little slivers are tasty though. wish I had something like this:

            or better yet, the old fashioned wooden Japanese Katsuobushi grater.