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Soups in the SGV - recommendations, favorites, etc.

I'm looking for everything in general and all kinds, so...no, I won't be more specific :-) Just soup - obviously noodles are no problem. I can't eat shellfish, but someone I go with does, so even those recommendations are welcome.

What should I try, and where? What are your favorites...and why?

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  1. I was just about to post a simiar thread. I'd be interested to see what people recommend. For me, veggies and lean meats (preferrably fish) would be great if anyone can recommend it. I love noodles but I've been overdosed on noodles lately. Here's a start... best Tom Yum (sp?) soup?

    1. Shark's fin with fish maw at Sea Harbour.

      1. Pasha recently added a great homemade yellow lentil soup. Very homemade tasting...
        Their rotisserie chicken, chicken kebabs and babaganoush are also very good!

        Pasha Grill
        124 E. Coloradao Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91105

        (626) 356-0670

        1. I love the Fish Ball soup at Noodle House in Rowland Heights. The fish balls are very light and they practically melt in your mouth. The soup is clear and garnished with minced scallions and cilantro.
          Noodle House
          18219 E Gale Ave #A
          Rowland Heights, CA 91748
          (626) 839-8806

          The last time I went, the soup was just a little fishy compared to past visits.

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            Second this rec., awesome with just a touch of the white pepper! Last time I went there, they ran out and it looked like most of the tables had a bowl. Very Yummy.

          2. French onion soup at the Golden Spur in Glendora.

            1. I love the Posole at Rigo's Mexican Restaurant on Foothill in Monrovia (they make their own tortillas, too). If they have it, the Lentil soup at Sam's Kebab House in Monrovia (on Myrtle) is really good (I have only had it once, tho). My favorite Tom Yum is at PresidentTwo in Pasadena and I just recently found Tiparos Thai on Colorado whose Tom Yum is really good as well. Chargrilled Pork Pho is fantastic at Pho 79 in Alhambra. The combo Pho at The Reyn Pho on N. Lake in Pasadena is great as well. Shoot me now for including chains, but the Avolongamo (sp?) soup at Daphne's Greek is great, the Brocolli Cheddar at Panera Bread (so is their baguette!) and the Clam Chowder at Red Lobster. The soups at Moffett's on Baldwin are really good, too. Also, the woman who sells tamales, burritos, etc at the Saturday Pasadena Farmer's Market makes a phenomenal Posole. Just great. French Onion soup at The Raymond in Pasadena.

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                Wow!!! Thanks for the list!! And right in my neighborhood too. I'll give these places a shot.

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                  Totally agree about the pork pho at Pho 79. I've been going there for years for beef pho tai but recently tried their chargrilled pork pho and it was delicious

                  1. re: Ernie

                    Yeah, there are so many places to get the regular pho (Pho 79's is still my fave, tho), but that chargrilled is phenomenal. I think it was Ricky on this board that talked me into trying it (or if it wasn't Ricky, whomever it was, I owe you big time!). I have ordered it at other places (they don't have it on the menu, so what I do is get the Pho without meat and get a side of the chargrilled pork. Some places have dismal chargrilled pork (Vietnam Restaurant on Las Tunas) and others have a really good version (Vietnam House on Baldwin - here I love to just eat the pork and the sauce they serve it with, the Pho leaves something to be desired, but the pork! Yum!).
                    Also, to the soup list, I would like to add the Tortilla soup at Mijares. I find it delicious. Also, the Cocido de Res (I think that is what they call it) at La Fiesta Grande, both in Pasadena.

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                    Though I have not had it in a few years I second the posole at the Pasadena Farmers Market (Saturdays).

                  3. Chicken soup at Din Tai Fung. Chicken soup at Sinbala. Chicken soup at Noodle Nazi... do I sense a trend?

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                      Wow, thanks for the recos. Keep 'em coming. Any others specific to Chinese restaurants in the western SGV (San Gabriel, Alhambra, M. Park)?

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                        Kam Hong Garden's beef stewed noodle, either hand-pulled or knife-cut. i can not decide which i prefer, but i keep going back to figure it out.

                      2. re: tissue

                        Tissue, I hope you read this and reply to it.
                        I think the chicken soup at DTF is outstanding. It reminds me of what my grandma and mom used to make.
                        How do those from Sinbala and Noodle Nazi compare to DTF?

                        1. re: selfportrait93

                          Selfportrait - Sinbala and Noodle Nazi is more taiwanese. It's chicken with mushrooms and has an earthier flavor. Noodle Nazi's is better, he skims his soup so the flavors are cleaner than Sinbala. I like Sinbala but I really consider it fast food, it's typical of what you'd find in a food court at a department store in taiwan or a street vendor at a night market. The DTF soup is typical shanghainese, with ginger and rice wine. If you hate mushrooms then stick to DTF.

                          651 W Duarte Rd Ste F, Arcadia, CA 91007

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                            Appreciate the response, Tissue. Now I'm craving chinese chicken soup.

                            1. re: selfportrait93


                              If you are looking for chicken soup in the style of DTF, try any of the Hong Kong Seafood places like Sea Harbour, Elite, Lunasia, Happy Harbour and get the chicken soup that they serve in individual bowls.

                              Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant
                              3939 N. Rosemead Blvd., Rosemead, CA 91770, USA

                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                Thanks, ipsedixit. Besides tissue's, it was also based on one of your posts that I tried ordering DTF chicken soup. I will surely squeeze the chicken soup in between orders at those terrific dim sum restaurants.

                      3. The soups at Newport Seafood in San Gabriel on Las Tunas now housed in a former Marie Callender. Delicious, that is if you can ever get a table. Had a delightful one last night with a very tasty broth. It had some shellfish, but there were others on the list, or you could just ask that shellfish not be a part of the mix.

                        1. The Bun Bo Hue at Pho Minh in El Monte is outstanding, even better than their renowned Pho Bac.

                          Pho Minh
                          9646 Garvey Ave.
                          South El Monte, CA 91733
                          (626) 448-8807