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Jan 23, 2010 08:11 PM

The Butcher Shop, Dorchester

I have been a member for some time, but usually just as a lurker.
A turn of events has now meant that I have living part-time in Boston and part-time in Cincinnati, due to my good friend's job.
Since coming to Boston I have been looking for a good butcher. As many of you can attest. this is not an easy feat.
Today, however, I saw a post for The Butcher Shop, in Dorchester, on Adams, and decided to give them a try.
All I can say is GO, GO GO!
Great service, great meat, great price.
I was on the hunt for pork tenderloin for an asian pork tenderloin recipe -
We arrived at the store just as they were closing, but the butcher could not have been nicer. There were none in the case, but the butcher (Mike) cut two for us. They were beautiful.
He was very personable and could not do enough for us.
We also picked up some stew meat for wine braised beef for tomorrow's dinner.
I will post later as to how these dishes turned out with the meat we purchased here, but we will be returning to this shop for more.

Boston and Cincinnati
(Sorry for the long post)

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Since I can see it from my house (just like Alaska!) I should go. Every time I walk by it seems barren and lonesome.

        1. Decided to give them a try so I made a stop today. I was looking for some shaved steak for sandwiches, and while they didn't have it in the case, I picked out some steak and they shaved it up for me. Their sausages are made in house, so I bought some southern style, they also had some nice looking Irish sausages. The last item I purchased was rashers, but there were many other items I was tempted by, the stuffed pork tenderloin and the stuffed whole chickens looked good. The verdict, I was very happy with my steak & cheese sandwich. Haven't tried the other items, but I'm quite optimistic. Deli carries Boars Head, and the staff is pleasant and accomodating.

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          1. Wanted to post an update because the southern sausages I purchased were great. Similar to an Irish sausage but spicy. I also stopped in yesterday and picked up some nice looking sirloin tips to use for stroganoff and some lamb sausages that sounded interesting. It was a treat to be able to pick up a loaf of Iggy's bread; the version with the cranberry and nuts. I hope this place takes off. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly. Their selections are growing and the quality is there.