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Jan 23, 2010 07:44 PM

I just got fleeced - 20 bucks for 2 of the most over-hyped sandwiches at...

Porchetta...WTF?!!! I feel like such a sucker...the pig was dry dry dry...crying out for some sauce pork people!! Small serving and did I mention I nearly shattered all my teeth trying to eat the fricken crispy skin?! *sigh* flavor flav once said...don't believe the hype...


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    1. re: chompchomp

      Damn - I should have read that thread before i went...

      On a brighter note, post-porchetta crackling experience, I'm happy to report that the lockjaw and numbness have receded somewhat and I'm able to chew more or less normally again...

    2. Wow--so suprising to read this, I had an amazing sandwich there just a few weeks ago--not dry at all, so flavorfull!

      1. Its not the best sandwich in NYC, and is definately overpriced for the size. but when I need to be brought back to Antico Noe in Firenze, this is where I go. It can be hit or miss, I wouldnt go nuts either way on it, there are worse things in the world, also better...

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        1. re: Hey19

          Porchetta was really dry and bland when we went. Hurt to chew everything since the bread was also stale. Tried it again at a food event since it was free and it was quite juicy so I guess its just luck there. I for one would not go back since $9 is a lot to spend on a 50/50 awful sandwich!

          1. re: silverlainy

            $9? It's $10!....and I guess the stale bread is a common there, because my sandwich suffered from the same problem. Porchetta just has very good pr. I wouldn't go back.

          2. re: Hey19

            Wow, your Antico Noe reference just blew my mind. Haven't thought of that place in about 10 years. So good.

          3. couldn't agree more... pork is ridiculously dry. Porchetta starting to get overshadowed a bit by close-by, cheap newcomers like Luke's Lobster & La Lucha that actually deserve the hype.


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            1. re: iFat

              10 bucks a sandwich = a month's worth of dental work at this place. Borderline inedible.

            2. Buon Italia in the Chelsea Market has been slicing up delicious house-made porchetta for years. Go buy a pound or so, a baguette at Amy's Bread...and assemble your own porchetta sandwich at home.