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Jan 23, 2010 06:33 PM

Looking for Turmeric root

I'd appreciate it if anyone can tell me where I can buy Turmeric root , perhaps in SFV or LA/SGV areas. Many thanks.

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  1. Asian groceries, particularly those with Thai/Vietnamese clientele often have fresh or fresh-frozen turmeric. I believe I saw some last week at "A Asian Grocery Warehouse" or whatever it's now called, on Sunset in Echo Park.

    1. LAX-C Market
      1100 N. MAIN ST.
      LOS ANGELES, CA 90012

      1. the coop in santa monica

        1. I've seen it at Bangluck Market in LA.

          1. Thanks a lot, silverlakeB, SilverlakeG, ipsedixit and epop.