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What's your favorite (sweetest) brand of frozen corn? (moved from Ontario board)

So far I've tried No Name and Green Giant. Both were horribly bland and tough. Any advice for something tender and sweet?


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  1. Niblets in the can is tastier.

    1. I don't have experience with frozen corn, but i know presidents choice frozen sweet peas are fantastic, so i'd give their corn a try too, it might be better then the green giant and no name.

      1. No such thing as good frozen corn. Agree with niblets having much more flavour.

        1. Sobeys Compliments or Loblaws President's Choice Peaches and Cream Corn when it isn't in season. Sovereign Farms at the St Lawrence Farmers' Market when it is.

          If at all possible, avoid GMO corn. I believe what you may have experienced is a result of that.

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            What does GMO stand for?

            Thanks everyone for the recommendations.

          2. Specifically Green Giant Peaches and Cream frozen corn, I won't use any other frozen corn as everything else is bland and tough.

            1. I buy either the Loblaws brand or the Green Giant brand of peaches and cream corn. I also cook it for very, very little time or it becomes flavourless.

              1. I can't find PC frozen veg at all. I thought that they had discontinued them and just went with the yellow generic. :(
                I figured that the processor had disappeared. I'm finding that there's been a lot less variety in the market lately. You either have the house brand or GG. That's it.

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                  Huh. Well, it's been awhile since I've bought it but I just assumed it was still there. GG was still pretty good in peaches and cream.

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                    I bought some last week. The package is updated with a recloseable top. The corn is as good as ever. The peas are good, too.

                  2. I don't know if you have Trader Joe's in Ontario. They have frozen roasted corn which is very good.