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The Olympic Thread - (Vancouver 2010)

In preparation for the Olympic onslaught, I thought I would take this opportunity to consolidate some useful threads:

Olympics Search:

Eating in Vancouver

Vancouver's Izakaya Scene

Vancouver and Victoria Coffee

Victoria Itinerary

Whistler Recommendations

Top Splurges:

Andrew Morrison's 50 Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver:
and Andrew's own Site:

Vancouver Magazine's Best Things to Eat:

Chinese Food in Richmond BC via the Canada Line Train
(One of the best places to eat Chinese on this continent


Vancouver's Top Food Blogs:

I hope this helps. I'm not a big fan of the Olympic spectacle personally, but it's good to have you all here. Have a good time in our city.

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  1. wow nice work fmed, i have tickets to 4 events so am very psyched, for the most part....

    1. Addendum:
      Chinese Restaurant Awards - Diners' Choice Winners:

      1. This is a great resource, even for those of us who are on the board a lot. Thanks very much!

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        1. re: pepper_mil

          Feel free to add your own categories or favourites!

        2. Addendum:
          Vancouver Magazine's Restuarant Award Winners 2009:

          1. Thanks for the consolidated list! Will make sure to add more to my Vancouver 2010 foodie list.

            1. As usual Fmed, you are on top of the ball. Thanks so much for consolidating multiple discussions and having to keep answering the same questions over and over again.

              1. Addendum:
                Conde Nast's Feb 2010 issue says Vancouver has "Best Chinese Food in the World"
                Hyperbole aside, they do list some good restaurants and their signature dishes (many have already been discussed here..plus a couple of real surprises).

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                1. re: fmed

                  Fun read, fmed, and some interesting recommendations. Gotta love the typo on Long's too :-).

                2. For blogs and food sites, I would add www.vancouverslop.com, great local site! As far as Chinese food goes, Chinatown is an obvious choice but often overshadowed by Richmond…much more central and only a Zone 1 fare :)

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                  1. Nice Foodie Resource Guide for the Olympics fmed!

                    I would like to add that the 500 block of Robson (between Richards and Seymour) has turned into a great place for Asian food if everything opens up in time for the Olympics.

                    Gyudon Gyu on the corner (still doing renos)
                    Kushi Box (an Express version of Zakushi)
                    Japadog (still doing renos)
                    Viet Sub (decent Bánh mì (Vietnamese Sandwiches))
                    Beard Papa
                    H-mart (the cafeteria has good & cheap Korean food)

                    The 500 Block of Robson is very close to BC Place, GM Place and the 2 Celebration sites dowtown.

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                    1. re: moyenchow

                      Nice list moyenchow! Keep 'em coming.

                      It reminds me: the H-mart food court is great. (I should add it to the Food Court Finds thread.)

                      1. re: fmed

                        I just reread your first thread and its very helpful for us "out of towners". thanks you. I would add though (being my 7th olympics) that its not the spectacle that draws us here. Its the travel, the people and the exposure to new things that really brings us to Vancouver. My two boys cannot wait to see Shawn White but are just as excited to see the Belugas at the aquarium and ride the skytrain. chowhounds have made these trips much better for all of us. ps best fish and chips?

                        1. re: kevin25

                          F&C - if it isn't raining, then Go FIsh to the West of on the seawall at the entrance of Granville Island.

                          1. re: fmed

                            sorry fmed f&c? is that pickwicks?

                            1. re: kevin25

                              Oops..."F&C" = "Fish & Chips"

                              BTW if you are willing to drive to Steveston village in Richmond, there are a number of F&C shops there that are better than 99% of the places in Vancouver. Of note are Dave's and Pajo's.

                              1. re: fmed

                                I was looking at Steveston but wondered if this time of year they would be open. The drive doesn't bother us at all. I figured f & c was fish and chips but I didn't know if you meant F & C Pickwicks. When you put F & C in google thats what comes up.

                                1. re: kevin25

                                  Dave's is a sit down place (ie a proper restaurant) and will be open. Pajo's does open in the winter when the weather is good....but phone ahead: http://www.pajos.com/contact.shtml

                                    1. re: fmed

                                      Dave's also has a take-out counter from an entrance in the side alley, or at least they used to. Either way, make your way out to Steveston. There's enough to see and do there to make an afternoon outing.

                        2. re: moyenchow

                          moyenchow, are you talking about David Lam Park?(as celebration site)? do you and fmed agree with the Conde Nast lists this month? I was thinking of taking my wife and kids to Lin Chinese for dim sum.

                          1. re: kevin25

                            There were a few eyebrow raisers. It's a good article in that they highlight some relative unknowns. Most articles about Vancouver Chinese talk about Kirin, Sun Sui Wah and the other more "famous" places.

                            Lin's is a good bet for Shanghai food (they have other regional Chinese cuisines on the menu), but prepare for inconsistent service. Order the Xiao Long Bao - my favourite in town (though Wang's, Long's and Chen's are now pretty darn close).

                            S&W Pepper House is being talked up at another food board right now - very good Sichuan food.

                            Ken's is an odd inclusion, but they do have their fans.

                            One of my faves is Long's Noodle House (which they called "Loon's") in the article. Excellent Shanghai food.

                            1. re: kevin25

                              Yes one of the celebration sites is at David Lam Park. It's about 20 to 25 slow walking from the 500 block of Robson. There are food options along Pacific Blvd which is the street adjacent to David Lam Park and more expensive options in Yaletown.

                              I like Salsa & Agave Mexican Grill which is across from the Round house and within a block of David Lam. It's small and I recommend take-out.

                              There is also La Catina a few store fronts east which has a larger seating area. There's also Urban Fare and their Sandwich coutner.

                              Lin's is on my long to do list, so I'll defer to fmed. Fmed, is Wang's in Crystal Mall? I love the XLB at the stall in Crystal and the Rice Cakes (Lin Go) stir fried with perserved vegetables & bean sprouts.

                              As for Conde Nast, I would take the article with a grain of salt. I think we are comparable but I wonder if the reporter was able to do the food in mainland China properly. My parents travel back to their home cities in China frequently and they rave about the food there.

                              They are still talking about a hotpot meal where they prepare a whole 20lb fish for you. When they come back, they always say, "you haven't seen anything yet" and "don't worry, it's coming". I trust my parent's reviews...well they made me the foodie I am.

                              It think it's difficult to gauge to quality of restaurants in China. My friend went on a tour of China last year and the tour only took them to the State Approved Restaurants and not where the locals eat. She said the food was disgusting and she had better food at Crystal Mall. She only had great food when they were able to eat where the locals eat on 1 free day.

                              1. re: moyenchow

                                Yes Wang's is the XLB stall in Crystal Mall.

                                I totally agree with your take on the Conde Nast article. I can't imagine the authour (who is from Toronto, BTW) had a big enough survey of Chinese food in China.

                          2. Addendum:
                            Vancouver's Best Vegetarian (from Vancouver Magazine)

                            1. Addendum:
                              Vancouver Drinking Guide (Vancouver Magazine)

                              1. fmed, thanks for the shout out!

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                                1. re: Sherman38

                                  Nice to see you around here Sherman!

                                2. NY Times Olympic dining guide (- sort of a "more of the same" coverage of the usual suspects):


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                                  1. re: fmed

                                    If I'm going to Oyama do I need to try SALT tasting as well. seems like Oyama would be enough.

                                    1. re: kevin25

                                      Oyama is strictly a retailer on G.I. and Salt is a restaurant featuring products by places like Oyama.

                                      1. re: kevin25

                                        I love Salt, but love Au Petit Chavignol even more. Better selection for a lower cost. Would recommend visiting both Oyama and APC. Oyama is fun to grab a ton of awesome meats (and is pretty much my sole reason to venture into the Granville Island Market itself).

                                        1. re: peter.v

                                          around G.I . or seymour st. where would you look for good bread and vino to take out. doesn't have to be in the same place.

                                          1. re: kevin25

                                            Granville Island has a decent wine store (Liberty Wine) just outside the market. You can get bread from 3, maybe four different bakeries there too. La Baguette or Terra would be my choices.

                                            If you like Japanese sake, there is an artisinal sake maker right on the island as well. It's the only sake made in Canada.

                                    2. Just a comment about tipping: During the Olympics there are certain restaurants in Vancouver that are adding an "autograt" to the bill due to the perception that many countries visiting do not tip on the total, but assume it is built into the bill (thus leaving the server without much needed income as they are paid minimum wage in Canada).

                                      I'm not commenting on whether it is appropriate or not as both sides have merit but I do have a problem if the bill is presented and there is no comment to the effect that the tip is already added in.
                                      Obviously we all need to check our totals but sometimes while in a celebratory mood we are on auto pilot and just put in the 15 - 20% without carefully checking.
                                      I feel taken advantage of if I am not advised of this practice.