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Jan 23, 2010 05:19 PM

Chantilly Donut Shop, Chantilly, VA Reviews?

Just wondered if the Chantilly Donut Shop was still in business. Years ago there used to be a great donut shop in the strip mall where Stein Mart is now located. I don't know if this donut shop where Stein Mart is located was the Cnantilly Donut Shop.

Please advise if the Chantilly Donut Shop is still around. Craving some homemade donuts. They still have a phone listing; but haven't called them yet.


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  1. This doesn't answer your question, but I also used to love donuts from Chantily Donut Shop. Ecco Cafe on G ST NW sold them. All of a sudden, they stopped selling the donuts (about 1-2 years ago).

    Hope the shop is still around.

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      Well I called the number for Chantilly Donut Shop; and the owners told me they only sell to restaurants, etc. as wholesalers. They did have a donut shop several years ago in Chantilly, VA in the Stein Mart shopping center when the PA Dutch Market was located there.

      Apparently, they only sell as wholesalers now, not retail. What a great place this was, oh well.

    2. Library of Congress cafeteria (open to public, in the Madison building on the 6th floor) sells them. I see the truck leaving every day as I come into work! They are delicious--fresh, tasty, and actually cheaper than Dunkin' Donuts.