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Jan 23, 2010 04:29 PM

Which hand held immersion blender should i buy?

I was a cooking class, and it worked wonders for the souip. The teacher was using a kitchenaid which is about seventy dollars. CUisinart sells one for forty, and walmart has a few for under twenty. any recs??

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  1. I've had the Cuisinart Smartstick for about 4 years now and it's awesome. You can usually find them for about $40 online. The whisk attachment is strong enough to whip potatoes and the food processor attachment is good for small jobs.

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    1. re: sisterbeer

      I have the Cuisinart Smartstick also. I use it to make mayonnaise (with Eggbeaters), soups, etc.

    2. I used my mother's Braun immersion blender a few times, it wasn't good for anything other than whipping cream (and took forever at that job). It would slow down in a thick soup. However, through a friend of my mother's, I discovered the Bamix. Holy crap. That thing is a monster. People don't believe me that I can whip cream in 60 seconds, until I show them. It tears through soups and all kinds of heavy duty work without even warming up. (It also comes with a teeny little food processor attachment that I use as a spice grinder).

      It is expensive (around $100, I think), but I've had mine now for 15 years, and it's still kicking ass and taking names. I use it several times a week, and other than a few stains on it, it behaves like it's brand new.

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      1. re: Indirect Heat

        years ago my sister got me a Braun for Christmas.
        I am serious in the kitchen whereas she is not.
        doesn't like to cook or be in the kitchen and the only reason she's in there is because eating is necessary to live.
        this particular IB is lacking in most everything.
        I've put a few bids in on the Bamix.
        but one that is new in box looks like the manual or instruction booklet is old.
        I asked seller what the year date is on the pamphlet.

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          +2 on the Bamix. We've had this workhorse for about 20 years. The price, over time, is worth every nickel. Interchangeable blades, and the spice grinder attachment make it even more of a value.

          1. avoid the really cheap ones. I do not use one much, but have burned through a couple of the cheapies. I really want to get a good one, so I think I will look into the Bamix.

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            1. re: elfcook

              you're right, I've burned through a few as well.
              they simply just stop working, it's like they're on overload.

            2. I have a kitchenaid that I've been very happy with.

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                I've got the KA 5-speed kit...very happy with it. Very functional in all recipes I've tried and I like the attachments. Very versatile.