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Which hand held immersion blender should i buy?

I was a cooking class, and it worked wonders for the souip. The teacher was using a kitchenaid which is about seventy dollars. CUisinart sells one for forty, and walmart has a few for under twenty. any recs??

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  1. I've had the Cuisinart Smartstick for about 4 years now and it's awesome. You can usually find them for about $40 online. The whisk attachment is strong enough to whip potatoes and the food processor attachment is good for small jobs.

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    1. re: sisterbeer

      I have the Cuisinart Smartstick also. I use it to make mayonnaise (with Eggbeaters), soups, etc.

    2. I used my mother's Braun immersion blender a few times, it wasn't good for anything other than whipping cream (and took forever at that job). It would slow down in a thick soup. However, through a friend of my mother's, I discovered the Bamix. Holy crap. That thing is a monster. People don't believe me that I can whip cream in 60 seconds, until I show them. It tears through soups and all kinds of heavy duty work without even warming up. (It also comes with a teeny little food processor attachment that I use as a spice grinder).

      It is expensive (around $100, I think), but I've had mine now for 15 years, and it's still kicking ass and taking names. I use it several times a week, and other than a few stains on it, it behaves like it's brand new.

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      1. re: Indirect Heat

        years ago my sister got me a Braun for Christmas.
        I am serious in the kitchen whereas she is not.
        doesn't like to cook or be in the kitchen and the only reason she's in there is because eating is necessary to live.
        this particular IB is lacking in most everything.
        I've put a few bids in on the Bamix.
        but one that is new in box looks like the manual or instruction booklet is old.
        I asked seller what the year date is on the pamphlet.

        1. avoid the really cheap ones. I do not use one much, but have burned through a couple of the cheapies. I really want to get a good one, so I think I will look into the Bamix.

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          1. re: elfcook

            you're right, I've burned through a few as well.
            they simply just stop working, it's like they're on overload.

          2. I have a kitchenaid that I've been very happy with.

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              I've got the KA 5-speed kit...very happy with it. Very functional in all recipes I've tried and I like the attachments. Very versatile.

            2. Have a braun, works well, i have used it for about three or four years, it was one of their better models when i bought it. GF has cuisinart smart stick, works good too, and fairly cheap

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                We've gone through two Brauns in a few years - they just don't hold up - parts start to crack and break. Also the motors get wicked hot after a short time in anything thick like sweet-potato soups and I feel like I have to turn them off and let them cool before continuing.

                I'll have to look into Bamix next.

              2. I've been pondering this same question, so thanks for asking. I'm all about buying whatever will really do the job right and last me forever (or as close as I can get), and that sounds like Bamix ...

                1. What do the gurus at CooksIllustrated recommend? I don't have a web subscription so i can't see their eqiupment reviews.

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                    CI recommends the Kitchenaid. It happens I just ordered one a few days ago. For the past 6 or 8 years I used a Braun that served pretty well, although the single (very high) speed often resulted in splattered walls and clothing, and the design of the guard restricted flow too much for my liking (had to work the thing up and down and back and forth a lot to puree anything with lots of solids). I finally got tired of that. A relatively open guard, and speed control, even if it's just high/low are really important far as I'm concerned.

                    The Cuisinart Smartstick was recommended with reservations (did not do well in the pesto test). The Bamix was not included in CI's test, nor did they include the Braun. But they did test a lot of obscure stick blenders like Proctor-Silex and Farberware and Hamilton-Beach.

                    I wasn't familiar with the Bamix so I checked on Amazon and it's not available. Maybe they are discontinuing the model, or going out of business?

                    1. re: Zeldog

                      Bamix is a European brand that isn't well-distributed in the U.S. and Canada. Not surprised Amazon doesn't carry it any more. When I got mine ~ 15 years ago, it was relatively hard to find. Obviously, the internet has made it easier to get a hold of, but it's still not super common in North America.

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                          Ok, I've had my new Kitchenaid stick for a couple of weeks, and I really like it. The variable speed control makes all the difference in the world. I don't think one really needs 9 speeds (2 or 3 would be adequate), but it really does reduce the splatter factor, and it clearly has more power than the old Braun. I see the Bamix does have 2 speeds, and there's minimal guard around the blade (good for efficiency but not so much for safety), but it's twice the price of the Kitchenaid. Assuming both are built to last, the cost difference is not huge. Seems like either would be a good choice.

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                            I had the KitchenAid for several years and the only things it seemed good for were pureeing soups and emulsifying salad dressings. I only had the basic model. Then this summer I got into making asparagus soup (Silver Palate Cookbook -- yum!), and I found that the KA couldn't handle the more fibrous ends, and I had lumps in the soup. Not terrible, but not what I wanted. Then I read about the Bamix in the WS catalogue, did my usual exhaustive research, and bought the Deluxe model at Pleasant Hill (WS only had the basic model). Luckily, I did this before they were out of stock everywhere. Well, I've only had it a few months but I love, love, love it. It does almost everything my fancy Cuisinart Food Processor or my countertop blender do, except slicing and dough. I especially love the mini-chopper/grinder attachment, which does short work of grating parmesan and grinding peppercorns and other hard spices. I'm only beginning to learn all the things I can do with this baby. Soups are velvet-smooth; cream whips in seconds. Fabulous and worth the price.

                            1. re: kessham

                              Good to hear kessham. I've been on the fence. The Gastro 200 you got at Pleasant Hill is just the one I've been looking at. The extra power of the Gastro for $50 over the Mono is not bad. I really like Bamix's blades. The mincer blade is the one I use most often on my Bamix copy which is need of replacing. In doing all my research I've also stumbled on to the West Bend Commercial WSB40. I've found it cheaper than the Bamix Gastro. 350w of power and 10 inch stem. Now I'm really torn so it makes me glad that you are really liking your Gastro 200. The WB seems like a more powerful and listed as a medium duty blender. It's very big has the same design of their blenders that are 2-3 times more costly. Decisions, decisions

                              1. re: kessham

                                A question about grinding spices with the Bamix. I presently use an old coffee grinder (the "whirrrrrrrr" kind; not a burr grinder) to grind spices, dried chilis, etc., and that's all I use it for because regardless of how well I clean it, there's a hint of spice left in the container. Does that happen when you use the Bamix for grinding spices, too? Do you use a spice-dedicated container with the Bamix? Enlighten me, please.

                                1. re: CindyJ

                                  Bamix has attachments so you can turn your IB into a small food processor and blade grinder

                                2. re: kessham

                                  now 'that's' a testament :)
                                  becoming more and more convinced the kid is getting a Bamix.
                                  I so appreciate all the information here on IB's of all kinds.
                                  easily helps me choose.
                                  thanks to all.

                                3. re: Zeldog

                                  We bought the KitchenAid based on the Cook's Illustrated review. We loved it. Used it mainly for soups and hummus. We don't have many kitchen gadgets in a 500 sq ft house and this became indispensible. However, on a batch of hummus today it just died. So very disappointed: 1.2 years of use, and mild use at that, no ice, spices, etc. Just veggie soups and hummus. Shocking compared to our mixer. Loved it while it worked but believe in non-disposable appliances: will look into replacing it with the Bamix. Rest in peace KA immersion blender!

                                  1. re: catdoc2

                                    Got a Bamix Gastro inroute. FedEx has it listed to arrive tomorrow which is Sat. I don't think they deliver on Sat so should get it Mon. I'll report later on it

                                    1. re: scubadoo97

                                      Bamix Gastro was delivered Sat morning. About the same length as my Bamix copy, the Thunder Stick. One thing I noted was how quiet it was. The two speed settings is a nice touch so you can get things going under the low speed before ramping up. Keeps the walls clean that way. I first thought that it wasn't as powerful as my Chinese copy but it was certainly powerful enough with 200 watts of power. It was just so quiet. It should perform well for many years to come.

                                      1. re: scubadoo97

                                        scuba, is your Thunder stick the chinese copy?

                                        1. re: iL Divo

                                          Was.... Yes it was a Chinese copy. Lasted a long then the rod seperated and the whole end would spin. It did work well while it lasted

                                    2. re: catdoc2

                                      helpful catdoc
                                      because if I'm gonna spend the money, I want him to have something that will last.
                                      as good as the KA products are, they can't be #1 in "all" products.

                                    3. re: Zeldog

                                      I have a KA. It came with a whisk attachment and a little chopper container (a micro food processor if you will). I love it. The only thing to know is that it is so strong that it sometimes gets sucked to the bottom of the pan!

                                4. Guess I'm going to stop waiting for the Braun folks to come to their senses and come out with another stick blender... my elderly one needs to be replaced, and soon. Looks like the Bamix will be my new Braun (sob - it was so petite and light) ...

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                                  1. re: Sarah

                                    some of us that are petite and light aren't very strong :(
                                    that may be the problem with those type of IBer's.

                                  2. I'm also at this crossroad and need to upgrade my current IB. I have a Bamix copy called the Thunder Stick. Uses the same blades as the Bamix and has worked well for many years but it falling apart. I am looking at replacing it with a real Bamix, either the Mono or Gastro model. On recent searches a new IB has caught my eye. It's the L'equip IB. It too is a Bamix copy with 550W of power. It's about half the price of the Bamix Mono and has received a best buy from a consumer report. It is made in China so between cheaper materials and labor it can be significantly cheaper than the Bamix. I still haven't decided which direction to go. I know with the Bamix I will be getting a quality well built product but it will cost more. Still not sure since I could buy the 2 L'equip IBs for the price of the Bamix and my current copy has lasted around 8 years. The Bamix design is IMO one of the best.

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                                    1. re: scubadoo97

                                      Was thinking of the L'equip after readig your post, but this review bothers me:


                                      Plastic gears. I'm not sure if that is standard or not though.

                                      1. re: deeznuts

                                        Thanks for that. I was looking for reviews of the L'equip. I suspected it was made cheaply but my Thunder Stick which I purchased at a weak moment via an infomercial, one of only 3 tv purchases that actually worked, has served me well for a number of years. I think that does it. Bamix it is might as well go for the Gastro model

                                        1. re: deeznuts

                                          read the review thanks for sharing the link.
                                          it does cause me to pause thinking of this stick blender.
                                          but the mnfctr has 5 year guarantee.
                                          wonder if they're still made from plastic.
                                          that's the reason my stupid bullet simply stopped, plastic man plastic stupid dumb parts.

                                        2. re: scubadoo97

                                          oh geeeeeeeeeezeeeeeeeeeeeees.
                                          now I'm conflicted........
                                          really sounds like it'd master the tomfoolery of a car salesman and chop a frozen duck to perfection too..............now I'll read the reviews from deez

                                        3. Rival makes a good, inexpensive immersion blender that costs about 26 bucks. I've had one for about 2-3 years now, and it works fantastic. (Rival Ultrablend 2-Speed Handheld Immersion Blender)

                                          The working end is heavy-duty plastic, which I actually like, because it won't scratch up my enameled cast iron, or any other pan for that matter.

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                                          1. re: Dansky

                                            Funny you should mention that. .. I am leaning toward the Bamix, but the metal end is a HUGE concern of mine. How can one use an immersion blender with a metal end without scratching up the pot? In their promos Bamix uses a photo of it being used in a Le Creuset. Seems to me that would mar that pretty enameled interior....

                                            Also RE Bamix I keep reading "be sure to use it in a narrow vessel as manufacturer recommends." Well, narrow by whose definition? I anticipate using it in one of my stockpots, which, while tall, certainly couldn't be classified as "narrow."

                                            1. re: ApartmentDweller

                                              There's little posts on the end of the mixer to make sure the moving blade never contacts the pot. You still have to be gentle, but it's no more rough on your pot than using a metal spoon would be (i.e. be gentle, but don't worry too much).

                                              1. re: Indirect Heat

                                                Oh great! That is good to know.

                                                You have just helped seal the deal -- Bamix it is!! Thank you!!

                                                1. re: Indirect Heat

                                                  Thanks so much for this info! I have been searching far and wide for how the Bamix might interact with enameled cast iron surfaces, including posting a question on these boards. I have been so hesitant to buy one for this reason.

                                                  1. re: Indirect Heat

                                                    Which Bamix do you own? I dunno if I should go w/ the Gastro model or the Deluxe. Here are the differences (from PleasantHillGrain.com). It seems that the primary difference is that the Gastro has a longer shaft, but I'm not sure what the advantage to that is unless using a very tall vessel. Also the Gastro has fewer accessories but is faster on High speed...

                                                    "Available in two models: Bamix Deluxe & Bamix Gastro 200. The Deluxe spins at 15,000 RPM on high speed, and 10,000 RPM on low. The Bamix Deluxe is available in Silver or White, and both colors include mincer, beater, and whisk blades, a wet & dry grinder accessory (also called the "Processor"), an instructional DVD, Bamix cookbook, and storage pedestal (with White Deluxe) or wall-mount rack (with Silver Deluxe.) The Silver color also includes a 600 ml mixing beaker.

                                                    The Bamix Gastro 200 model is designed to meet the demands of professional cooks and serious home gourmets. It spins at 17,000 RPM on high speed, or 10,000 on low speed, and comes equipped with mincer, beater and whisk blades as well as wall bracket and instruction booklet. The shaft of the Bamix Gastro 200 is longer than the shaft of the Deluxe, by 2" (total length of 7.5" below the motor housing.)

                                                    Bamix hand mixers operate on 110 volt power, and the entire lower drive shaft of the hand mixer is immersion-safe to a depth of over 5" for the Deluxe and 7.5" for Gastro 200 model. Overall length is 13.7" for Deluxe hand mixer, 16.2" for Gastro 200. Weight of Deluxe is 30 oz., Gastro weight 34 oz. Bamix design and construction is safety-approved by the European IEC. "

                                                    1. re: ApartmentDweller

                                                      It's hard to tell from the Bamix website but I thought the Gastro 200 had 200 watts of power and the other models had around 120-140 watts. I only saw the Gastro at PH.

                                                      I still haven't made a decision as to which IB I'm getting. The Waring WSB40 has 350 watts of power or 1/2 hp and is less than the Gastro but I really like the blades on the Bamix blenders.

                                                  2. re: ApartmentDweller

                                                    I've used a Bamix like copy for years and it has never done damage to any of my pots, enamel. stainless or otherwise. When making mayo it's best to use a narrow vessel and work upwards as you emulsify.

                                                    1. re: scubadoo97

                                                      Well I despise mayo ('cept the occasional aoili) -- I'm a mustard girl! Can't see myself making any mayonnaise, so that won't be an issue.

                                                      Thanks for the info. :)

                                                    2. re: ApartmentDweller

                                                      our son is very particular with what kind of utensils he uses in his expensive gifts of pots and pans. if this thing could scratch then what? > I replace the pots and pans that got ruined? I'd hope I'd not have to worry about that. and yea, his pots and pans aren't narrow, they're typical sized cooking vessels.

                                                  3. I have had a stainless steel Cuisinart Smart Stick for a little over a year now. I was worried that it wouldn't hold up because it was about $30, on sale from a list price of $50. But the performance has been great. I figured I would see how much I used it and then "move up" to Bamix if need be. So far I haven't felt that need.

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                                                    1. re: souvenir

                                                      I've had my Cuisinart for about 4 years. Still going strong with fairly regular use. Love it.

                                                    2. Used my Kitchenaid stick blender to puree homemade tomato soup tonight and it did a superb job as always. This is a great kitchen tool at a good price point although I use my blender, stand mixer, hand mixer, and food processor far more often for everyday kitchen tasks.

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                                                      1. re: koigirl

                                                        you gave me an idea. I'll make a roasted tomato orange pepper onion garlic herb soup tonight and see how well my Daily does with that.

                                                      2. A year and a half ago, I read everything I could find on Chow about IBs and went with the variable speed Braun. It came with a bunch of accessories that I don't use (I think they are in the box on the top unreachable shelf.)
                                                        The variable speed is a wonderful option.
                                                        I can make a coarse chop and then hit the turbo feature and cream just a small part of it.
                                                        Mine has held up well for making redbeans and rice and that's a dense medium to ask such an apparently delicate blade to master...it does the job well.
                                                        I found a best price through Amazon and I subscribe to Amazon Prime so free shipping.

                                                        1. I had a cheapie and it was useless. A couple of years ago, DH got me the KA one with the chopper bowl/blade and the whisk. It ROCKS! I use it all fairly regularly. The chopper bowl/blade is great for small quantities when I don't want to drag out the big processor. It whisk/container parts are wonderful for doing whipped cream in seconds. (I put the container and the whisk in the freezer ahead of time.) And, the regular IB part works just great for pureeing soups, etc.

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                                                          1. re: onrushpam

                                                            Anyone remember the Daily that was featured on an Infommercial? It was about $145 and supposed to be able to practically milk a cow or draw a bath, I mean this thing was touted as doing almost anything. I came close to buying one from that commercial and am sooooooo glad I didnt'. I found one at Sally Anne's about 8 years ago, bought it for a few bucks, it's nothing magical.

                                                          2. I've had a Braun since about 2001 and I've never had a problem with it or a complaint. I use it for daily breakfast smoothies and also when making soups. I think it cost about $20. For smoothies, I always use it with the measuring cup that came with it. Once I left it at a friends place across town and for a week or so I had a problem. I had to make my smoothies in a large mixing bowl, being careful not to spray it all over the kitchen.

                                                            1. I ran across a rather large Braun at the thrift store for $4 and it's been doing the job just dandy so far. Haven't done anything heavy duty with it yet. Has a variety of speeds. Will work for me until I budget for something like a Bamix.

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                                                              1. re: dani_k

                                                                Same here - I have a big ol' variable speed Braun and it's powered through anything I've ever thrown at it.

                                                                1. re: BobB

                                                                  I had a Braun Vario for about 10 years. I threw away the whisk component about 3 years ago because I notice brown fluid running down the stem. I guess a seal had broken and water got into part of the mechanism. I have just thrown away the whole device because I noticed that the rubber ring around the blade has shrunk (from the heat of the dishwasher?) and allowed food to get in and go rotten. I can see from the pictures of the new Braun that the design has changed and I suspect that same problem won't happen again.
                                                                  It was fantastic for that 10 years though, but I didn't use any of the additional pieces apart from the whisk very occasionally.
                                                                  It had a steel end and didn't cause any issues with the base of the pans - you just put it in gentle, and like was mentioned, it is no worse than a steel spoon, probably less so.
                                                                  Now I am looking at Braun vs Bamix for the replacement. I liked the detachable stem of the Braun. Is it a pain to have to take the whole Bamix to the sink to wash it?

                                                                  1. re: greenfinny

                                                                    Where have you found Braun IMs sold -- thought they were no longer made.

                                                                2. re: dani_k

                                                                  you're smart dani
                                                                  especially since going to thrift stores as I do on way too regular of a basis. that's where I bought my magi mix, my Cuisinart 11 cup FP, my Cuisinart 4 cup FP, my Daily IB, etc.
                                                                  if it's still working for you great, if it stops it's not much of a loss because it only cost you $4.

                                                                3. For those of you who own the Bamix Gastro immersion blender, do you find the longer shaft beneficial? Or is it a nice thing to have, but you have yet to use it in a big pot of soup?
                                                                  Also is the extra power of the Gastro compared to the Swissline going to make a big difference when you are going to pure a pot of cooked veggies or pumpkin soup?

                                                                  One more thing, will any Bamix work with the Bamix processor? Or is it only compatible with one of the Bamix designs?

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                                                                  1. re: snax

                                                                    On the last question, I'm pretty sure any Bamix will work on their processor or other accessory. The units are sealed so you could immerse the unit beyond the shaft. So is the extra length necessary? I would tend to go for the added length just to have it.

                                                                    1. re: scubadoo97

                                                                      now you've got me wondering how long my Daily is.
                                                                      BIAM.................[back in a minute]
                                                                      just took out of frig and pantry:
                                                                      lemon juice
                                                                      salt/pepper/specialty garlic hot pepper seasoning mix
                                                                      olive oil/canola oil
                                                                      zapped my Daily trying to make mayonnaise and it was not only a breeze but very tasty as well.
                                                                      but that said, it's making mayonnaise for cryin in the beer, it's not chopping hard vegs or pureeing a chunky soup. I'm still pondering what kind to get the kid.....

                                                                  2. W-S is featuring a Bamix for $150 in their Mother's Day catalog. I'm not sure which model it is, but from the info on their website it looks like it may be the Deluxe. I presently have an old, bottom-of-the-line Braun IB that does a really fantastic job with pureed soups and mayo. I don't need to spend $150 to get a fancy IB that does that. What I'm looking for is some evidence that the Bamix also does a good job chopping veggies and grinding spices. The video on the W-S website doesn't address these uses. Can anyone who already owns a Bamix speak to these uses? Also, I've read mixed reviews about the blade scratching the pot. Does the guard protect the pot, or would I need to be extra-careful using it? Thanks for your input.

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                                                                    1. re: CindyJ

                                                                      I just saw your question and went into the kitchen and cut up a carrot and put it into a IB blending cup. The Bamix had no trouble chopping up the carrot with the "mincer" blade. It's not the best use of the tool since food flies out of the container and you have to use your hand as a cover while you chop. It was only one carrot so it wasn't too deep but it did chop it fine. There are attachemts to the Bamix that turns it into a mini food pro. It called the Bamix processor. My Gastro didn't come with one but I really would chop vegetable in a food pro any way. We have an old Braun that I pulled out a while back when my Bamix look alike was falling apart. It performed very poorly even compared to the look alike which actually worked quite well. I really like the blades available on the Bamix. Even the copies have the same blades. I suspect the L' Equip "Bamix like" IB would perform like a Bamix at a fraction of the price but it is made in China. It does list a 500 watt motor. Actually my Thunder Stick was made in China was well and worked well for years. http://www.asseenontv.com/prod-pages/... I went with the Bamix this time because I love the design and blades and the Bamix is known for it's quality construction.

                                                                      1. re: CindyJ

                                                                        Cindy, did you ever get a Bamix? I have the same question and was wondering whether the Bamix does a good job of grinding spices or making small quantities of things like curry paste. Thanks!

                                                                        1. re: Westminstress

                                                                          With the dry grinder and processor attachments you can grind spices and aromatics very well

                                                                          http://bamix-usa.com/ go to the accessories page

                                                                          1. re: scubadoo97

                                                                            I was under the impression that those accessories came with the Bamix IB.

                                                                            1. re: CindyJ

                                                                              depends on the models. From the Bamix-usa site; the SwissLine and the Cassette come with the standard 3 blades, the polycarbonate blending cup and the processor. The Deluxe comes with the 3 blades and the dry grinder. The Mono and the more powerful Gastro come with the 3 blades. They all come with the book and tape.

                                                                              I got my Gastro from Pleasant Hill. It came with the 3 blades and a copy of the book

                                                                              The model at William Sonoma has the blades and the blending cup.

                                                                              The book and tape I have no use for. I had a dry grinder and processor from the Bamix clone I had purchased years ago. I never really used them so figured there was no big reason to get them with this Bamix purchase.

                                                                          2. re: Westminstress

                                                                            No... I'm still holding out because I've still got too many unanswered questions.

                                                                        2. I had a Bamix for over 20 yrs, sure wish I hadn't dropped it, I think I paid about 50 bucks for it back then and was the best investment in a mixer I made. Gave away all other mixers. Pay the extra and get a Bamix. I will definitely get another one soon.

                                                                          1. I needed to open this up again and read the reviews.
                                                                            Spent TG at the kids' house and he killed his Cuisinart > (one of the ones I'd gotten at a Thrift store a few years ago, 9 cup model).
                                                                            I've killed them too so I couldn't scream but was sad as it was a real find. the lady employee was literally putting it out of her hands from the back and onto the shelf, it never made the shelp= right time right place.
                                                                            He said it's not a big deal cause he hardly uses it. "WHAT?" I use ours all the time.
                                                                            Anyway he said he wants an immersion blender for smaller size factor as well as only 2 to cook for.
                                                                            Want to see how any of these stack up. Hope to find great suggestions here.
                                                                            After having read these, I have quite a few things to think about but know one thing, he's getting a really good IB for Christmas.

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                                                                            1. re: iL Divo

                                                                              il Divo, I'll echo the comments of the folks before me who love their Bamix models. I've had mine for years now and it never lets me down. I especially love it for breaking down/pureeing soups and stews. I don't use it for chopping really but I have used it for spice grinding (though I prefer a coffee grinder for that task). Since you use yours so often and your son doesn't perhaps you gift yourself w a Bamix and re-purpose yours by passing it along to him...

                                                                            2. I have a Cuisinart but it's a basic model, no whisk or chopping attachment. I think it was in the $20s on Amazon but that may have been some sort of holiday special last year because it's more now:


                                                                              Works GREAT. I'll never live without one again. This summer I was in a temporary sublet apartment w/o most of my kitchen stuff and I brought it in place of my regular blender and my FP. No issues whatsoever.

                                                                              1. Bamix. Still Swiss-made. Most of the rest are Chinese crap. Bamix is expensive. But you can buy one on eBay, used or new old stock, for half the cost (or less) of a new one. They last forever, so used is a pretty safe buy.

                                                                                Also, Bamix and one or two other brands still have a business end that is mostly open, so stuff can circulate easily. Most current models have been all lawyered up, with a "safety" housing around the blade end. The little windows in the housing are OK if you're processing something that's already mostly liquid, not so OK if you want to chop or puree large chunks of something.

                                                                                For 20 years, I had the lowest-power Bamix they make, I think the one called Deluxe. I did everything with it, including chopping ice, and it never felt underpowered. Gave it away during a move, to my everlasting regret. Just bought a replacement on eBay, a new-in-box 1980's one, also a Deluxe. Cost me USD $70. It appears that the only important variable in Bamix models is shaft length. I've always had the shorter, household kind. They make some with longer shafts, for professional kitchen use involving larger pots, I guess.

                                                                                Yes, you can grind spices etc with the processor attachment that comes with many models. I've never used the attachment because I keep two cheap blade coffee grinders, a red one strictly for spices, a coffee-colored one for coffee beans. Blade grinders are very cheap (most are Chinese crap now). Coffee fanatics prefer burr grinders, but I find that a blade does just fine since filter drip coffee is the only kind I make. Blades not so hot for coarse or medium grind.

                                                                                1. So, which model Bamix did those of you who bought one buy and have you been happy with your decision?

                                                                                  I’m thinking about the Gastro Pro G200, but wondering if it’s really worth $40 more than the Mono. I’ll be using it at least as much for small chopping and whipping chores as for large quantities of soup. But the Gastro Pro doesn’t come with a beaker as does the Mono. How important is the beaker for small chopping chores? Would I have to buy the separate processor attachment? If I go with the Mono, will it handle a large pot (gallon and a half, say) of soup when I need it to?

                                                                                  1 Reply
                                                                                  1. re: JoanN

                                                                                    I have the Gastro. It's longer which is good if using a large deeper pot. I don't think it's any stronger than the Mono.

                                                                                    I didn't need the other attachments

                                                                                  2. I'm all about clean eating so I make pretty much everything from scratch -- sauces, dressings, condiments, etc. Iove to cook. I own the Vitamix. Love it, but I also want an immersion blender for, well many things -- mayo/aioli, soups, egg whites, HM ketchup etc; basically smaller projects that I don't want to dirty the big fella for, or I'm just not using a quantity large enough to dirty the big fella. So which immersion should I get? I'm fairy sold on the Bamix, but do I really need that expensive of another tool?

                                                                                    4 Replies
                                                                                    1. re: emilyrosehecker

                                                                                      I have a Dynamic Mini Pro. Surprised nobody in here has mentioned it. It is as good or better than a Bamix. It's the smallest IB they make, most are large commercial ones. I paid like $130 for mine and it was well worth it. I also have a Warring Commercial blender (like Vitamix, but more power, and more bombproof) and still use my IB all the time. It's very useful for smaller projets. I've used it on everything, homemade American cheese, hollandaise, mashed potatoes, soups, sauces etc. Never had any problems with it. I've owned it for 8 months so far, product is very well built and pretty bombproof. I highly recommend it.

                                                                                      1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                                                                                        Appears to be a heavy duty IB. Looks to be about $179 these days

                                                                                        1. re: scubadoo97

                                                                                          Oh wow, the price does appear to have gone up. I think I must have gotten mine on a pretty good sale. It was either that or a Bamix and I got the Dynamic, seemed more like a commercial product.

                                                                                          1. re: EatFoodGetMoney

                                                                                            I have the Bamix Gastro and although it servers my needs, the Dynamic appears to be a more powerful piece of equipment