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Jan 23, 2010 03:44 PM

Where to buy a flavor injector in GTA

Hi, all I was just wondering where I could find a flavor injector in the GTA. I have always wanted one but have never come across one in the stores. Any suggestions?

So like these


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  1. Bass Pro shop at vaughan mills has these - they also have marinades and rubs plus many other gadgets to make jerky, sausages, deep fried turkeys and other good stuff.

    1. I have the Ronco one, purchased from As Seen on TV, Brampton Shoppers World. It's plastic, but does its job.

      1. Be fore warned. I thought it was gonna be great and I'd love it. It has not seen the light of day in 5 years.


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          I break it out when doing turkey, the only thing we roast in the oven.

        2. I picked up the "Chef Williams Cajun Injector Deluxe Marinade Injector" in your link from the Goemans Appliances in Mississauga at Dundas and 403 a little while ago. The only times I've ever used it have been for deep-frying turkeys, but it performs this limited function well!

          1. I picked up one from Caynes. I've used it a few times for turkey and once when I made a big pork shoulder.

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              Thanks for the suggestions. I was thinking of using it for a roast beef or roast pork loin. Would this method work for those cuts of meat or is it just for poultry?

              1. re: sandi123

                You should be able to use it for any type or cut of meat that is thick enough -- it's basically a big syringe.
                I don't remember where I picked mine up, but check out the big barbecue stores here in the GTA -- Sobie's in North York, Ontario Gas BBQ in Vaughn, or Barbecues Galore in Oakville or Burlington.