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Jan 23, 2010 03:10 PM

Fine Dining in Banff

I am visiting Banff with my husband next week and we are celebrating a special occasion. Now that Fuze is closed does anyone have a suggestion for a great meal for this?

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  1. The Bison - my fav. Their menu changes often for fresh, seasonal ingredients. For special occasion you'd prob want to sit upstairs and make reservations rather than their downstairs charcuterie lounge.

    Owner used to be partner in Janice Beaton Cheeses. He left to pursue his own restaurant.

    1. I second Bison. We had dinner there on Christmas Day and it was the best meal I've had in Banff.

      1. The Bison Bistro on Bear street is sweet. Bison , venison etc. charcuterie and great cheese. great servers too.

        1. Le Beaujolais is great and has a fantastic wine cellar.