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Jan 23, 2010 02:54 PM

Best mid-week late night dining?

I'm looking for a good spot to have a late dinner - after 11pm on a Wednesday. Or even a bar/bistro place that serves good food. Does this kind of place exist in early-to-bed SF? Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Check the exact hours, as this time of year (and in this economy) many restaurants have been curtailing their hours. But in the past, the following were open late, even on Wed.:
    Naan n' Curry - 326 O'Farrell - open 24 hours - Indian
    Farmer Brown - 25 Mason - until midnight - trendy neo-soul/Southern food
    Grubstake - 1525 Pine St. - until 4 am nightly - diner
    Oola - 860 Folsom - until 1 am Wed. - modern American (I think)
    Heaven's Dog - 1148 Mission - 1 am - modern Chinese (from Charles Phan of Slanted Door)
    Osha Thai - 696 Geary - 1 am - Thai
    Ryoko - 619 Taylor - 2 am - Japanese/sushi
    Globe - 290 Pacific - 1 am - modern American
    Yuet Lee - 1300 Stockton - 3 am - Chinese

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    1. re: waldrons

      Lucky Penny ... I joke.

      Seriously, give a call to the the places that interest you. Don't rely on websites. Hours have been changing recently.

      Haven't heard much on Chowhound, but the new Tacolicious in the Marina is open till midnight.

      The one part of town that has lots open late in North Beach.

      Absinthe Brasserie & Bar 12;30 am
      Acme Burgerhaus midnight
      Beretta midnight
      Brazen Head until 1 am
      Cafe Mason open 24/7
      Gitane midnight
      The Monk's Kettle 1 am
      Poleng Lounge 1 am
      Scala's Bistro midnight
      Spices 2 midnight
      Zuni midnight

      Addresses are here

      There's more in that search than those listed, I just couldn't remember which were open late midweek. You can take a look at anything else that interests you to see if late night is during the week

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        FYI Poleng Lounge is no longer serving food, as of last Sunday. Note on Poleng's demise from Eater, here.

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          They are totally closing on 1/31

    2. Globe and NOPA until 1 a.m. and Zuni Cafe until 12 a.m.

      Zuni Cafe
      1658 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94102

      560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

      Globe Restaurant
      290 Pacific Ave, San Francisco, CA 94111

      1. The lists posted are pretty good. I'm a huge fan of Globe at that hour. It's cozy, there's always a few tables full. The bar and wine list is quite good - but they're more of a classic cocktail place than a "cocktail menu" place. The fact that they're open until 1 means you never feel rushed even when you wander in at 11:30.

        The best food places as listed here are probably Nopa, Globe, Beretta, Zuni.

        Also - Y*lp's got a new feature where you can search for restaurants open at a particular hour. It's tough for your exact search, because you can't differentiate between an open kitchen and an open bar. And don't trust the reviews, as usual ---

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        1. re: bbulkow

          Geez, that's really a hidden feature. You can select on restaurants. However, still ... some of the joints that close at 2am close the kitchen sometimes hours earlier.

          Given that ... a few I forgot ... I'm certain many of these keep their kitchens open later.

          21st Ammendment 2 am
          Cafe Maritime 1 am
          The Cosmopolitan 2 am
          Sauce 2 am
          Street 2 am
          Washington Square Bar and Grill 2am ... really?

          While this is a nice feature, I don't like the way hours are handled by Yelp. First of all, I can't just cut and paste from a website. Also they can be hard to read and it is not clear when a joint is closed or exactly when brunch is served, it goes on and on.

          1. re: rworange

            I believe Cafe Maritime is gone.
            The Cosmopolitan usually closes the kitchen no later than 10. How late they keep the bar going usually depends on to what extent the industry people are coming in.

            1. re: nocharge

              Thanks for the update. That's sad about Cafe Maritime

            2. re: rworange

              Yes, it's a highly problematic feature. I use it as a reminder more than gospel.

              In general, I expect any place with a 2am time to be the bar serving time, and not the kitchen time - at which point one tries to look up the kitchen's closing hours.

              Wash Bag claims 10pm kitchen close on their website, for example. Or, that's when dinner ends, anyway.

              21st Amendment seems to have a "late night" menu, burger, cubano, pizzas. Might be until 2am, who knows?

              1. re: bbulkow

                21st Amendment's cubano was very good when I had it in June. My only complaint was that they loaded it up with enough meat and cheese for two or three sandwiches, which many people would not see as a flaw.

          2. Cafe Maritime, 1am daily
            Flour + Water, midnight daily
            Globe, Mon.-Sat. 1am, Sun. 11:30pm
            Heaven's Dog, 1am Mon.-Sat. 9pm Sun.
            Lers Ros, 1:30am daily
            Nopa, 1am daily
            Oola, 1am Tues.-Sat., midnight Sun.-Mon.
            Thai House Express on Larkin, midnight daily
            Yuet Lee, 3am Wed.-Mon. (closed Tues.)

            1. Just want to add Comstock Saloon as a late night dining spot somewhere. I just really like the atmosphere, the space and also the food. The price is decent and they give a lot of food (even the appetizers look entree-sized. Really enjoyed the pig in a biscuit and chicken-fried rabbit last time i was there. Not a big fan of the fried tater or the beef shank pie (can't taste the bone marrow..). Around north beach, this is seriously one of the best late night spot and at anytime, a really good bar.

              Comstock Saloon
              155 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133