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Thattukada updated [London]

JFores Jan 23, 2010 02:47 PM

Just making a new post to touch on some Thattukada related stuff. I eat at this place like 2-4 times a week so here goes...

They upped the prices a tad bit. The lunch special of old has disappeared but still exists if you ask for it. The shredded beef was added to the menu, but not the beef fry (breaking the Hindu beef barrier for the first time.) Thattu dosa are off the menu but still orderable. A new assortment of North Indian dishes clearly meant to cater for the chilli paneer and dosa crowd have appeared, but I've been told not to order them... by the chef.

On a brighter note the unwritten menu (now smaller as they added dishes like the whole fish fried then steamed in banana leaves to the menu... polichathu is the cooking technique) includes kappa biriyani which is biriyani with mashed cassava and beef, the Sunday roast (on Sun), quail on Fri, Sat, Sun usually, a REALLY good fish egg and onion fry dish to eat with parotha, Kerala crab curry on Thurs and Fri, occasionally liver fry (mutton), and a number of kothu dishes (basically chicken or another meat chopped up street food style with either parotha or puttu.)

You can also call in advance for a 30 course veg meal that they usually serve on Onam. For 10 quid.

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    feelinfoodie Jan 25, 2010 01:52 AM

    30 course veg meal?

    I have to do that!

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