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Jan 23, 2010 02:27 PM

Chow-worthy in Titusville?

My husband and I will be in Titusville next weekend, and would be interested in suggestions for good places for a casual dinner (we'll be there for a birding festival and will be dressed in grubby outdoorswear for most of the time).

We've enjoyed Dixie Crossroads, but suspect it will be an even bigger zoo than usual because of the festival (they are among the sponsors of the festival)--we'd appreciate any ideas for comfy, non-chain places with good food--we're open to any kind of cuisine.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. We a bit south of Titusville & we don't get up there often, so I don't have any first person recommendations. But I thought that the link below may help. Good luck on the birding.

    1. Try El Leoncito on south end of town on US 1 for good mexican and great cuban sandwiches.

      1. There are no good places to eat in Titusville. If you like spicy food, there's a nice little restaurant with cajun food. It is on the same street as Dixie crossroads. Go away from the river and you will see a large seafood store, in that shopping center is a small cajun diner. Pretty good food. No other places are edible in Titusville. Particularly avoid the Downtown area, avoid Village Inn, avoid Definitely! Dennys. Avoid that rib place on route 1, pauls or something like that. Avoid IHOP.

        1. If you don't need fancy and you can bypass the crowds at Dixie's, in Titusville there's the Irish Pub on Harrison off Route 1 (around the corner from JC Penny). Doesn't look like much but it's cozy and full of friendly locals. It's a dive, dark and a little icky at first glance. However they probably are the only place around that has a draft beer assortment beyond the usual suspects: there's Harp, Guinness, and even a cider on tap. As for food, the Grouper Reuben is sublime - hot and crispy with a thick meaty center, just the right balance of kraut for a fish sandwich. And excellent fried pickles. And the expected Irish main dishes: shepherd's pie, etc. Waitress was very competent and the food was quick. What more could you want after a long day at the Space Center?

          Also, another find was Cracker Jack's on Rt 402, on the pier just west of the Max Brewer bridge. On a weeknight their kitchen was closed by dark, though the menu looked good for munchies. They do have a late-running tiki bar, populated by an after-fishing crowd and also some construction guys working on the bridge job. Good music, good drinks, nice view of the sunset.