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Jan 23, 2010 02:06 PM

Where to get soft shell tacos in Seattle

I'm looking to buy just the soft shells for soft shell tacos. I know QFC and Safeway will have generic ones (if they have any) so I'm wondering if there are other places that would be recommended for procuring said items


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  1. Umm, soft shell tacos are just tacos made with the regular small tortillas, usually corn flour based, but I've seen them with regular white flour as well. No need to buy anything special. Just buy a stack of tortillas which you can do at QFC or Safeway, or get homemade ones in one of the mexican shops. Warm them up on a paper towel in a microwave, add ingredients that you like and go nuts. Hint, ground beef should not be an option in any taco or burrito.

    1. Trader Joe has good corn tortillas; more robust than the limp and pallid ones you might buy at Cash & Carry in huge stacks.

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        And if you want to eat somebody else's great soft-tacos, get to South Park and Muy Macho, or to a Melena's shop (Queen Anne and Ballard last time I looked, but they deserve to grow), and, of course, El Puerco Lloron, down the hillclimb at the Pike Place Market.

      2. Stop by Rositas near Green Lake and get the freshly made tortillas to go. They are very good.

        Of the store variety I usually like Guerrero [All over the place] or Surrito [availble at Metropolitan Market].

        The flour tortillas sold at Costco are very good. You buy them raw and cook them at home. They turn out great if you want a flour tortilla.