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Jan 23, 2010 12:14 PM

Caribbean-inspired recipes with smoked haddock

I got some lovely smoked haddock fillets at the market today and I am in the mood for a Caribbean meal. I have never cooked any Caribbean food so I would welcome some ideas and inspiration. I also bought some plantain, gungo peas and rice and I have some shredded coconut and fresh mango as well as a myriad of spices in my pantry.

I'll be grateful for your suggestions!


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  1. This is probably too late for your supper tonight but for the life of me I can't think of anything Caribbean with smoked haddock. It's really a New England fish. My (Puerto Rican) husband thinks you could make bacalaitos, which is a salt cod fritter, just sub the poached (in milk) haddock, flake the fish, then mix in:

    1/2 # haddock, poached and flaked
    3/4 cup flour
    1/2 tsp. baking powder
    1/3 tsp. salt
    3/4 cup water
    1 garlic clove
    2 culantro leaves (cilantro), chopped
    1 envelope sazón seasoning
    1 diced scallion

    Deep fry the fritters in vegetable oil. You can top these with a spicy mango salsa. You've got gungo (gandules) and rice, which you could do either PR style with sofrito or Jamaican style with coconut milk and coconut. Plantains (what color?) green for tostones and mojo (garlic, oil and vinegar dressing) or just plain boiled until tender, seasoned with fresh garlic and mashed. Yellow for fried with a sprinkle of hot sauce and salt or the black (maduros) for frying as well, quite sweet and soft.

    1. You can make some jerked fish cakes or some jamaican patties, an empanada style of pastry traditionally filled with beef but can be made with fish/seafood, vegetable, chicken, etc. You can add the plantain & coconut to this.

      As a side not, Bushwickgirl, since your husband is Puerto Rican, can you tell me what the ingredients are in Pastelles? I'd love to make them if I could.

      1. Thanks for the ideas (and thanks to Bushwickgirl's husband!). I am indeed making the fish tonight so I still have time to ponder. The bacalaítos sound good. I was thinking of adding some coconut flakes to the batter following a recipe I found and I'll try the sofrito, Puerto Rican style. I know smoked haddock is probably not used in the Caribbean but a bit of innovation can sometimes be a good thing so I'm hoping this will be the case...

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        1. "I'll be grateful for your suggestions!"

          DON'T DO IT!

          Smoked haddock ain't going to work in a West Indies style. You're going to ruin the haddock. And ruin the Carib stuff. 'Tis a fusion too far. Betcha I'm right. :-)

          1. when i think of smoked fish in the caribbean, i think of my nephews's smoked cobia dip -- like a crab dip. that might be an approach.


            just playing around, i wonder how this conch salad recipe could be adapted:

            (BTW, this is a very neat website! it has cookbook links for the recipes, and has lots of interesting caribbean recipes)