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Jan 23, 2010 11:56 AM

Seasons White Plains?

Has anyone been to Seasons in White Plains. They have a nice website and I wondered how the cooked food is?? And the sushi, is it fresh?


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  1. more recent yelp reviews seem to favor this place...I for one wanted to try it out. There is a 10% off coupon on their website. I will definitely hit this place up either tomorrow for their $15 brunch up with my 'cuz discount tuna roll =)

    although the $8 + weekday lunch boxes seem really appealing as well. I'll note my experience if I try it tomorrow before the game

    1. I've never eaten there as I'm not a sushi fan, but I work in White Plains and lots of friends order from there and really like it.

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        Ditto what wincountrygirl says-- my office orders regularly from them for lunch and they do not disappoint. We have also ordered sushi platters from them for parties that were very good. They have interesting monthly special sushi rolls, very creative, featuring seasonal foods. Many locals consider it a go-to place for Japanese food. The cooked food (chicken teriyaki, etc.) is good, bento boxes are plentiful. For standard not-too-fancy Japanese, this is a good place. It's usually not too hard to get a table.

        I would like to hear from anyone who has tried their Sunday brunch. Is it buffet? Good?

      2. Thanks, all, we went for dinner Saturday night. Not crowded, the food was good, plentiful Japanese food. Nothing outstanding, nothing bad. Prices are reasonable considering the entrees include soup and salad. Enjoyed the fried tofu. Sushi is fresh and portions are large. I look forward to trying more items.

        1. The sushi is, indeed, fresh — and very reasonably priced, especially for lunch. My only complaint is that, when the place isn't busy, the servers tend to hover. The second you set a utensil down, they're clearing it away. I suppose some could view this as efficiency, but my company and I found it a little annoying. I guess if you're there at a peak time, though, they're too busy to stand there and watch you eat.

          1. Sushi seems fresh but last time eat there at sushi bar, noticed that the back wall was very dirty; even needed a painting; haven't been back. too bad, has a great saki list.

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              Craving age dashi tofu. Went to Haiku in white plains last night. All I thought about was eating at Seasons. Haiku was a beyond lame. Service was ok actually considering there was army of waitstaff standing around but the food was laughable and no age dashi tofu. It was like a bad tourist trap type of scene/menu. Seasons is by far superior (and no annoying techno music).