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Jan 23, 2010 11:43 AM

Opinions on Gourmet Chocolate

I'd like opinions on these chocolate brands (as well as other suggestions for great chocolate that is available online):

Richart chocolate
Theo Chocolate

You comments may be used in my blog. Thank you!

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  1. Opinions in general? Just as far as chocolate bars are concerned, or are you looking for suggestions on truffles and chocolate pieces, too?

    Vosges- I thoroughly enjoyed their chocolate covered caramel marshmallows...they were a gift and I ate the entire box myself, I would definitely have these again. Their caramels are pretty good, but I've had better for less. I think their bars are overpriced, and not as tasty as I expected...the combinations sound exciting, but I was disappointed with the several I've tried. I'd rather have a Zotter bar...interesting combinations, but totally delicious!

    Theo-I've had some of their bars, they're good but probably wouldn't be my first choice at the grocery store. Maybe Dagoba or Green & Blacks.

    I haven't had Richart or Taza.

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      thank you. I'll have to do a search on those Zotter bars - that's one I haven't heard of.

    2. I am about to pass a secret that I really shouldn't. I am not even sure this pastry chef will ship mail order, but damn its the best. Seriously. You all owe me. I would like to be paid in nibs.

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      1. re: DallasDude

        OMG, DallasDude what a selection. You had me at pear & basil!

        1. re: HillJ

          the 'crack in a box' nearly did me in! No online, but next time I'm in Dallas. . .

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          Bumping this old thread. Just ordered from and will report back. Certainly a lot of unique flavors.

          I have had the Theo Chocolate Ginger bar and it is okay, but nothing memorable. I just ordered Theo Chocolate Coconut bar and will report back on that once received.

        3. I like Vosges's small caramel bites. I like the Stout and Caramel.

          I'm much less fond of Theo's bars than of their confections or caramels which are quite good indeed. Their winter collection of confections was delicious.

          Richart -- I had their fancy small chocolates box organized in flights for Christmas -- not necessarily what I would have as my go-to -- it's expensive for one -- but definitely a compelling taste experience.

          Can't recall tasting Taza.

          FWIW, I know I haven't been super specific here....