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Jan 23, 2010 11:42 AM

casual business lunch in union square area

I am looking for a good suggestion for a casual business lunch in the union square area, specifically someplace that is close to the subway stop on 14th and 4th avenue (the 4 train), but want to stay 4th ave or west (no 1st or 2nd avenue). Any cuisine other than Asian cusines would be great. Something in the range of $25 a person (we won't be having wine or liquor).


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  1. Tocqueville offers a 3-course lunch prix for $24 year round. The food's delicious, service is excellent, and it's the perfect place for a business lunch because it's quiet.

    Photos of the 3-course prix fixe we had there in September can be seen here:

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      thanks RGR- actually looking for someplace less upscale decor wise. Someting like a Pastis in setting.

    2. Shaffer City is pretty good. Low key. Take the 6. It's on 5th and 21st St.

      1. I like Blue Water Grill (you can ignore the sushi items on their menu since their regular seafood entrees are definitely not Asian)... I think during lunch time it's possible to keep under $25 and it's not far from the subway station....