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XLB/ soup dumplings MADE WITHOUT PORK???

Hi all,
I'm a diehard XLB fan (all the way from Joe's Shanghai to DTF) but my girlfriend doesn't eat pork and therefore has never experienced the glory that is a freshly steamed, screaming hot soup dumpling... this is a tragedy that must be corrected. Does anyone know of a place that might do chicken or other types of XLB? I know it won't be traditional but, hey, beggars can't be choosers, now, can they?

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  1. J&J has crab XLB, but dunno if they have pork gelatin however.

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        I would think so since you need some sort of meat aspic (aka meat jello which requires collagen or whatever's in the bones) which makes them juicy. Unless you can find someone that makes it only out of chicken and/or beef. But you'll be hard pressed to find those IMO.

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        I'm pretty sure there usually pork inside of them. I guess I'll need to do some research to confirm.

      3. You may be in luck. The question is whether they're still in business or not.


        1. Dean Sin World has fish XLB and I've been told (by a reliable source) that Mrs. Lu uses chicken aspic in her XLB.

          1. In Asia, you can sometimes get vegetarian ones (made with mushroom and agar), but I've never seen them here in LA (I saw a place in NY that had them, but they were out when I was there). The ones I've had were only so-so; the normal veggie dumplings and baozi were better, but still worth it for the novelty.

            As others have said, I think the "soup" is always (or at least usually) pork-based.

            1. Din Tai Fung makes a shrimp & green melon XLB. None of that hot scalding broth, though.

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                The shrimp & green melon at Din Tai Fung is great. They also do a good veggie dumpling, bigger and semi-circle shaped, but delicious.

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                  i tried that new shrimp & green melon XLB at Din Tai Fung a few months ago. while i think this may be fine for a pescatarian or someone who doesn't eat pork, it really tastes nothing at all like a traditional XLB. our party thought it was "ok" but would rather have a regular XLB or regular pork dumplings, etc.

                2. Here's what they look like

                  1. Bao Dim Sum has a great chicken & spinach dumpling.

                    1. Lao Dong Beef Noodles in Irvine has beef ones and the loofa with shrimp ones. Tried the loofa with shrimp which was pretty good. Never tried the beef ones though.

                      1. Walked by Wang Xing Ji in San Gabriel Square earlier this week and I saw a hand written sign which mentioned a new item which I think was chicken XLB. Since they already have fish XLB, it wouldn't be surprising.

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                          Wow! A good reason to go back and eat at Wang Xing Ji..

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                            That is wonderful news - thank you!

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                              So trying this this weekend! Thanks, Chandavki.
                              Funny to notice my old post getting resurrected- in the interim my girlfriend has become my wife, still claims to not like Chinese food, still claims to be pescetarian-ish, but now will jump at the chance to hit up Yunnan Garden for Dan Dan noodles...

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                                Congratulations! You should celebrate with a Chinese wedding banquet and invite the rest of us. :-)

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                                  +1. You can get Ricky's Fish Tacos for your wife. ;)

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                                    A Chinese banquet with all of us invited would be quite dandy.

                              2. Not exactly a Chinese dumpling, but close - try any Jewish deli and order your soup with kreplach...

                                1. ROC on Sawtelle has veggie and seafood XLB. Can't say they are the best XLB, but they are good.