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Jan 23, 2010 11:25 AM

Suggestions for 2 Roasting Chickens

I just picked up 2 nice roasting chickens (2 for 1 deal)...I usually roast my chickens with lemon, garlic and whatever herb I have on hand (have some thyme right now)...

I'd love to get any suggestions for something new and interesting to do with these 2 birds for dinner tomorrow night (and hopefully some leftovers for Monday)

Don't think grilling/BBQ will be an option given the weather forecast but pretty much anything else would be of interest.

Thanks Hounds.

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  1. If you log onto Martha Stewart's website and search for double roast chicken -it is a good recipe for roasting chickens in the oven on top of veggies.

    1. This is my go-to for incredibly flavorful chicken. Warning: It does tend to fall apart rather than carve well, but it's delicious, and I *always* do two at a time for use later in the week.

      1. I like to stuff the cavities with lemon balm, and kefir lime leaf. It really permeates the flesh quite nicely

        1. Roast one on a bed/raft of unsliced celery and carrots, and thick-sliced onions and apple.. This will give you delicious drippings for making gravy.

          Remove the breast meat from the other one (return skin to pot), then poach the remainder, including chunks of carrot, celery, and onion. If you have finished with the roast chicken, include the bones, remaining skin, and carcass in the poaching pot. Continue cooking for a potent broth which can be used for soup and stew.

          Cube the breast meat and use it in stew or chicken a la king.

          1. Thanks for the responses Hounds...any other suggestions most welcome!!!

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              make Pasta from the Ventian Grotto--it's a Nigella Lawson recipe. Roast one chicken. remove the meat and crispy bits while still hot and mix with fresh cooked pasta. I like a tagliatelle. Add currants and pinenuts--I heat them in some of the chicken drippings and pour over. FOr such a simple recipe it is hugely delicious.

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                I like to place the bird in a freezer bag and pour in about a cup of Louisianna hot sauce. Turn the bag over and over to distribute the sauce, marinate overnight and roast as usual.
                Not as hot as you might think, but packs mucho flavor.