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Jan 23, 2010 11:17 AM

Has anyone tried Bleeker Street in Tarzana?

I just noticed this new place in my neighborhood and wondered if anyone has eaten here.
There are so few "hip" places in Tarzana, this could be a good addition...if the food is any good.

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  1. This restaurant was pretty good. It's not particularly cheap, but I enjoyed their pizza. There was one with figs that I really enjoyed. Overall I'd say it was worth it, although a bit heavy on the salt. Solid wine list as well.

    Bleecker Street Bar & Grill
    5442 Yolanda Ave, Tarzana, CA 91356

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    1. re: wildd86

      it was great... atmosphere is like no place else in the valley, yes, it is 'hip' but very friendly, and it was less expensive than CPK and you cannot even compare the food. THis is a real restaurant for all of us foodies. I had the mussels and they were some of the best I have ever had, then I had a crab cake that was 100% whole flakey crab, then a veal chop, and everything was top notch. It is a bit noisy and vibrant, so do not go there expecting a subdued, quiet atmosphere.

      1. re: skinnymon

        I don't agree with skinnymon that this is less expensive than CPK, but the food is far better. Their wine list is "okay" but a little pricey by the glass for what they have and for the Valley. I have a hard time spending $16 for a glass of wine when I can get the whole bottle at Trader Joe's for $15. But the atmosphere is great and the service is friendly. The owner should be more personable though for a new restaurant - he should be working the room and introducing himself to everyone who walks in his door. With Kravings across the street and a few good wine bars just a little west, he'd do well to mind his manners and make the neighbors feel like this is their "Cheers."
        Just saying...

        1. re: bootcampleslie

          I agree with the pretty good reviews. The waiter was too busy tooting his own and the restaurant's horn about how great it was, but they have some work to do. Cheaper than CPK? I don't think so! One in our group had a pizza and all who tasted it said it was good. Salmon was fine, albeit well done (waiter suggested that, even though I had specifically asked for them to cook it normally), the short ribs needed a stronger flavor. Fish in papillote was pronounced good and the mussels and the chocolate pudding-like dessert were hits. They never offered us coffee or checked on us after the food was served. They need to tighten things up and it may be a local hit!

          1. re: compucook

            We LOVE this place, and now they have an awesome guitar player on Friday nights! The fig and prociutto pizza is to die for and every dish I've had is very good! I would check it out!