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Jan 23, 2010 11:08 AM

Help! Restaurant week recommendations for wedding day dinner?

We're pretty broke, but love food -- and so are excited that restaurant week falls on the same week when we're getting married!!


Only problem: Neither of us knows what restaurant to choose. The Boathouse in Central Park was our first choice, but it turns out they're not participating for dinner. They're also not open for dinner until April. Next option was Nougatine, but they have no time slots for Weds the 27th around 7 p.m. We're now thinking of Barolo, but before committing to it, I thought it would be great to hear from fellow CHers.

We want something low-key, friendly, not too stuffy, and the kind of place you'd remember. We're having lunch with friends at Nobu, choosing from their lunch restaurant week menu. Something staying in the lines of seafood would be ideal for dinner. Dinner will be just the two of us, so something romantic would be great.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Congratulations!!! How exciting! My only advice to you concerning restaurant week would be to book somewhere ASAP. Most of the good places are booked for dinner by now, if they're even offering dinner. (I know, I tried most on the list two weeks ago and they were full!) My DH and I are headed to The Harrison on Monday, although the only time they could give us was 8:45. I would recommend trying there...but definitely reserve as soon as you choose a place that you like. You can always call and cancel if you find a better option.

    1. Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials!

      My first choice would be Tocqueville. The cuisine is superb, service is excellent, and the elegant space is one of the most beautiful in the city.

      Tocqueville photo:

      If they are completely booked, another option would be Giorgio's of Gramercy. Very good food and lovely ambiance.

      In either case, be sure to let them know that this is a very special occasion for you.

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        Tocqueville was indeed completely booked, but we managed to find spots at Giorgio's. Thanks for the recommendation! We're looking forward to our visit.

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          Glad I could help. Again, my very best wishes! :)

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            Back to report -- we made reservations at Giorgio's through OpenTable, with a note that it would be our wedding dinner. I was really looking forward to it, but we had a few hiccups along the way.

            We arrived about 10 minutes before our reservation and had to wait for our table -- not too long, about 5 minutes -- but I was a bit annoyed to have to be seated after a walk-in. The maitre'd didn't make any mention of our event, either as we waited, or when he sat us, so we brought it up with the waiter. I thought perhaps the maitre d' was just being polite or unobtrusive, but when the waiter expressed surprise, I was a little disappointed. On serving our entrees, the maitre'd again gaffed and switched our plates, presenting me with my spouse's dish, and vice-versa. We hadn't switched seats, so I'm not sure why that happened.

            In general, I found the food well prepared, but unspectacular. Since the price difference between the Restaurant Week menu and the regular menu wasn't that much of a gap, we ordered off the regular menu. I had the pork loin, and my spouse had the lamb. We had a great chat with our waiter (turns out he has work aspirations in the same field as my spouse), and he made sure to bring us a glass of champagne and a complimentary baked alaska for dessert. Not sure why we had limited service, but hubby had to go to the bar, several times throughout the night, to ask for various items. We seemed to have been forgotten at the front window. We'd already ordered a fig tiramisu for dessert, and were pretty stuffed, so the complimentary baked alaska didn't really help. I found both desserts to be really rich and sugary.

            On the other hand, Nobu for lunch was spectacular, and they really made our day. The food was well-prepared, very fresh and well presented. Portions were a little small, but satisfying. All the waitstaff were unpretentious and very kind to us and helped us celebrate with their signature dessert, signed with a "congratulations" piped around the edge. It was a small gesture, but the personal touch went a long way.

            I'm so sorry I didn't have a better report for you! I am still very grateful for your recommendation. Maybe it was just an off night?

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              I have never thought Giorgio's to be a special place, neither for food or service.