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Jan 23, 2010 10:50 AM

Birmingham-suggestions for tonight!!

I am going out with my mother who enjoys places like Daniel George, Bongiorno, Fire, GianMarco's- we don't plan to eat at any of those- any suggestions of a newer place- in the OTM area- what is Zea at Brookwood like- we would go pretty early- 6:30-6:45

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  1. We went to Zea and liked it- very neat inside- service was VERY good- food was very good- I had a salad, mom had fried shrimp-she did n't like the tartar sauce and they brought cocktail sauce instead, Daughter had grilled salmon, Daughter boyfriend had duck- they also ordered duck empanadas- i didn't care for them but they liked them- very crowded- they have call ahead seating

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      I've never heard of Zea. Where at Brookwood is it located? What's the cuisine?

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        It is in the former location of Copper Grill. They are noted for their rotisserie cooked chicken. See:

        I have been once, had the chicken, and it was pretty good. I did not think that it is worth a special trip for, but if you are at the mall doing some shopping, it is a good option.