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Jan 23, 2010 10:34 AM

Saturday Farmer's Market in Wayland

I happened to see this on Public Radio Kitchen's site. Russell"s Garden Center in Wayland will have a farmer's market on Saturdays through the end of Feb. Has anyone been? Maybe spring will seem a little closer. List of vendors sounds like it might be worth a visit.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting! Wish I had seen this yesterday. It looks like they have a great group, and Russell's is very close to me. Will definitely go next week!

    1. I was there on the 16th. Great fun. Good stuff. Worth a visit. Bought a lovely huge lamb shank, some greens, some veggies (very sweet carrots).

      1. I was there yesterday. A really great market. Delicious veggies, meats and fish. You have to try the middle eastern spreads but they did run out of bread to sell. End of the market, gelato was a big hit.

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          My husband and I were there too taking photographs for an assignment. Then we shopped. It is a great market with a nice mix of farmers and food vendors. And, I love the setting inside the greenhouses. It felt like a quick trip to sunshine and summer.

          We stocked up on root veggies and bought scallops from Globe Fish Company. They were perfect pan seared for dinner last night.