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Jan 23, 2010 08:46 AM

Vegetarian Freezer meals for after having baby

I tried a quick search and didn't find any threads related to this. Also, when I searched for freezer meals on google most are meat centric, and I never know what or who to trust. The cookbooks that I have don't have much to say about freezing.

I am due the middle of March and want to have a few things prepared ahead of time, because I know there will be nights when we just can't get to anything healthy and I don't want to fall into the trap or ordering pizza, etc.

Hopefully someone will have some tried and enjoyed recipes that will work? We do eat dairy and eggs, so it is not super strict.

Thanks ahead of time!

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    1. re: enbell

      obviously I am not that great at searching, thanks!

      1. re: HBOO

        No problem. Congratulations. I love as a resource. Do you have a crockpot?

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          Yes, I have a crockpot, and two pretty good crockpot recipe books that I do use frequently.

          I am wanting some things in the freezer because I also have a 15 month old, and while the crockpot is handy, and will be used, I think I will need some meals that need NO prep, for those days when he doesn't give me a moment to chop or sautee.

          Along the lines of the question above, what else can I stock my freezer with. I am thinking basic frozen veggies, beans, grated cheese, chopped onions (have never done this, and don't know if it is worth losing the freshness?).

          Any other suggestions so that I can make some easy meals with things on hand?

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            I freeze homemade macaroni and cheese all the time, and it's much better than reaching for the blue box. (I just make a simple mornay-type sauce and noodles.)

            Also, not too interesting, but when my daughter was tiny we had pasta and store-bought sauce a lot.

            Trader Joe's also has a lot of good frozen convenience food.

            I don't have any other suggestions for vegetarian freezer meals though- I'm a total carnivore.

    2. We make white veggie lasagna and freeze pretty often - the standby is spinach (layer spinach with noodles with a mix of ricotta, chopped garlic, salt, and a pinch of nutmeg, top with mozarella), but we've done the same thing with zucchini, even pumpkin. I also like to make what we call "Lasanga-touille", which is eggplant, tomatoes, and zucchini layered like a lasagna with the ricotta mix, but herbes de provence instead of nutmeg. We've done it with the eggplant in place of the noodles, and also with the noodles to make it more of a proper lasagna. (You could add red peppers, too, we just don't like them.)

      Gratins are nice as well, though they don't keep in the freezer as long (2 months maybe? A lasagna I can keep for 6...). Take any root veggie and layer with a bechamel sauce (melted butter mixed with a little flour, then whisked with milk and let thicken) and top with parmesan cheese. I've only frozen gratins after baking or par-baking, never raw, so I don't know how well the milk would hold up if frozen pre-cooking. You can make a gratin with strong leafy veggies like spinach or kale as well - put a layer of buttered bread crumbs on the bottom, blanched greens to almost the top of the dish, pour bechamel on top and top with parmesan.

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        Oops, hit reply too soon.

        Individual servings of soups are also good, for when one person is hungry while the other is sleeping. White bean with kale, white bean with dried porcinis, and black bean all freeze well, as do thinner broth types. Make a big pot and spoon it into sandwich bags - simply put the sandwich bag in a bowl in the microwave until the soup loosens enough to dump it, and then finish heating in the bowl. We always keep a stash of onion soup in the freezer because it's so easy - just stock and sliced onions. But melt some cheese on a piece of toast and put it on top, and you've got a rudimentary french onion soup that's delicious.

      2. I'd say freeze a few one-handed meals...

        -mini-egg frittatas done in muffin cups
        -spanokopita frozen in individual serving slices that can easily be crisped in the toaster
        -Lentil/TVP meatballs with some sauce of your choosing - you can eat them on the go for some quick protein or over some noodles or rice if you feel like it and have time
        -jamaican jerk tofu
        -strata with corn tortillas, black beans, sour cream, cheddar jack cheese, salsa verde, green chiles, etc. stacked in any order you like, then bake and freeze in portions.
        -freeze portions of cooked oatmeal for easy breakfast reheats
        -vegetarian chili

        congrats and good luck!