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Jan 23, 2010 08:44 AM

Anyone going to Frida's? - KC

We recently tried out Frida's in S. Overland Park. (A bit of a haul for us, but we wanted to try something different.) The food was very good -- authentic Mexican, not tex-mex. That means, of course, flavor profiles other than cheese.

Has anyone else been there? What did you try? Any recommendations?


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  1. I haven't heard of it, where is it?

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    1. re: ChrisKC

      148th and Metcalf. The place is nice, but it's a HORRIBLE can barely see it from the street. Still, there's a sign.

      Food's good. I had a chile en nogada, which was phenomenal. I think it's owned by the same people who do Guadalahara Cafe.

      1. re: lionsaoi

        It's in the same mall as the Burnett Automotive and Coach's. There's a coupon for Frida's that came in the MoneyMailer mail this past week, $5 off $20 order and $10 off $35 order. I will have to try it soon.

        1. re: lionsaoi

          Yes, and they also own Ixtapa on Barry Rd in the Northland.