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Jan 23, 2010 07:49 AM

Pioneer Saloon, Honolulu (Diamond Head 'hood)

Usually Diamond Head Market & Grill or the South Shore Grill would be our go-to place before/after a beach day at Kaimana or the Cliffs for a quick, filling bite. But we just wanted to try something different for a change yesterday while watching the sunset at DH.

Pioneer Saloon is a Japanese-style plate lunch place with excellent prices. We tried the croquettes (housemade, with a good amount of corn and ground beef amongst creamy potato) and the fried calamari w/spicy-mayo for a total of $15.50. It comes with a side of rice (pay extra 50 cents for the shiso-wakame rice!), Japanese-style mac salad (not overly-laden with mayo like the local style), and lightly-dressed salad greens. Sometimes you just want a plate lunch that doesn't feel like an artery-clogging guilty pleasure, and this place offers a good alternative.

Will definitely go back to try their musubis and other plates.

3046 Monsarrat Avenue Honolulu, HI 96815-4485
(808) 732-4001

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  1. Been there a couple of times with friends. Good food, great prices, extremely slow service.