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Hakka in Scarborough? What to order??

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have been a resident of east toronto (aka scarborough) for more than a decade.
live near china cottage and other hakka chinese restaurants.
really want to give one a try...
what should i order?
what is the best one to start with??
with thxs

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  1. chilli chicken, steamed or fried rice, hakka noodles, veg manchurian with gravy, schezuan fish dry withouth gravy

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      Depends where you decide to go. I've tried these 4 in the past, some more often than others. Here's what I recommend:

      Lin Garden- Crispy Beef Kam-Bien, Kan Shue Green Beans and their pakoras are usually pretty solid.
      Tangerine- Pakoras are the best I've tried of any east end Hakka joint, most other food is oversauced (ask for it dry) and oily.
      Lucky- Chili Chicken
      Kim Kim- Hakka Tandoori Chicken

      Lucky, Kim Kim and Lin Garden all serve a similar Manchurian Fried rice which I like. None of the east end joints are a one stop shop as everyone seems to do certain dishes better than others IMO.

    2. Try the pepper chicken appetizer at China Cottage.