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Jan 23, 2010 07:02 AM

New pub in Zon's space

There's an article in the JP Gazette this week about a Scottish restaurant and bar possibly opening in the space formerly occupied by Zon's. Live music too.

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  1. I heard that too. Not entirely sure what that means, food-wise. Haggis? Tattie scone?

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    1. re: purple bot

      I noticed there were no more 'for rent' signs at Zon's but yeah, Scottish? I never did try haggis when I was over there, maybe this will be my chance.

      1. re: purple bot

        Only Scottish restaurant I know serves Big Macs.

          1. If all goes as planned, the place will be called Wee Angel. I'm glad to hear that something might be moving into that spot, as I get depressed whenever I drive by the old Zon's storefront.

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            1. re: hiddenboston

              I love that they're using the word 'wee', very Scottish. Hopefully we can describe the food as 'brilliant'.

            2. Anybody have any updates on Wee Angel? I am very excited.

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              1. re: zenright

                The name of the place MAY be changing to The Haven, though the only news I've gotten on that is a license withdrawal for Wee Angel and a new license for The Haven from the EveryBlock Boston site. I'm trying to find out more (waiting to hear back from the owner and others) but nothing yet.