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Jan 23, 2010 07:02 AM

Any visits to River Falls, Woonsocket RI?

I am considering this place for lunch with my partner and my parents. I don't need anything haute - just simple, well-prepared hearty food. How's Ma Glockner's chicken (which they serve on Sundays)? I don't see any reviews, which scares me a little. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I've been a few times, most recently this past summer and had Ma Glockner's chicken. I liked it, moist ,crisp skinned. Served with cinnamon buns, salad, sweet potatoes with or without marshmallows(yuk). I've had calamari and the Portuguese clam boil and both were fresh and good. Service is young, kind of ameteurish but not bad. I like the place.

    1. I want to like River Falls, keep giving it chances, and keep getting kicked in the butt for it. Never a problem free meal, be it the service or the food. I went again this past Sunday for MG's chicken w/my mom, which we've been missing the MG's closed. Our table was dirty (server was not happy w/that and promptly took care of it), salads are terrible (the worst bagged salads, all white iceberg & cabbage), cinnamon rolls are actually better than MG's. Chicken was mixed....the seasoning was better than MGs, but a bit too salty. Dark meat was PERFECT, white meat a bit dry.

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        I agree, Jane. We went once for dinner over a year ago prepared to like it: we had heard lots of local hype, it's in a good location and we welcome new dining spots in the area. We sat at the bar. I ordered the fried clams. Wifey had the linguine/white clam sauce.

        We started with smiles: "What a good use of the space;" "Look, if you stand on tip-toe you can see the river," etc. I tucked into my clams with abandon. Something was not right... clams a bit funky. Another bite... breading heavy, greasy. Meanwhile, my long-suffering was having a similar experience: very harsh garlic, like the pre-minced jarred garlic; little other flavor; almost unpleasant oil, probably pomace at best.

        By the end of the meal, we were of the "Eh, not too bad" mind. By the time we got home, we both thought "Hmm, that was pretty poor." Then I woke at 3:00 a.m. thinking "What a lousy meal! Never again." Neither of us has had any interest in trying River Falls again. In the general area, we would sooner go to Vintage for sushi/sashimi/snacks in the lounge or to Bella for better dining. NB: Bella had some gorgeous, very large Maine smelts on Thursday as an appy: Fantastic. Beautifully sauteed to a light golden crisp, they were so fresh that they did not taste of fish, only aquatic sweetness. Even the heads were delicious.

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          Thanks for the candid reviews, Jane and oyster. I'll let you know what we end up doing.

          1. re: digga

            I backed out of River Falls due to the poor reviews here. We went to Enn for Japanese in Lincoln instead. Meh. Well, it suited our purpose - we needed someplace close by and quiet.

          2. re: oystertripe

            So Bella's still good? It's in a great location, right near a friend's house and I'm not sure why I haven't been in so long (a couple of years). I'll give it a try again very soon.

            1. re: JaneRI

              Yes Jane, Bella has a good kitchen and the service is decent. We had not dined there for a while, as we had gone for the "two-fers" and found those to be a decent value (bottle of wine included) but otherwise not memorable. When we recently ordered from the regular menu we were pleasantly surprised: a special appetizer was snail salad, the best we've had, prepared that day from live whelks lightly poached and sliced as thin as prosciutto. The tortellini is lusciously seductive with its cream-prosciutto-peas-parmigianno sauce, elsewhere called "alla panna" or "alla crema" but not prepared as well as at Bella.

              Everything we ordered on successive visits was quite good, although the bread is weak (homemade), lacking both a good crust and characterful crumb. NB: Order your salad dressing "on the side," as they are too generous with it. All in all, Bella is worth a visit, especially if you order from the regular menu. Their daily specials have proven to be exceptionally good.