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Jan 22, 2010 10:47 PM

Quest for Great food in Japan for 31 Days! Need Suggestions

I will be in Japan for 31 days and would be traveling around most of the country.

However I have a limited budget ($3k) and instead of going to eat at the 5 star restaurants I want to go look for good food that people eat every day.

Anyone know of Good XLB in Japan? The best I had was in taiwan ( but not sure where to go in Japan

Itinerary (suggestion are welcomed)

Places I will be traveling to
Fukuoka - tetsunabe (goyza
)Shimonoseki, Yamaguchi - Fish market - (fugu)
Beppu - Pudding from Hell
Kobe - A-1 (kobe beef)
Osaka - Kani Doraku (crab) Sammy's Ebisu Plaza
Kyoto - tousuiro (tofu)
Tokyo - Menya Kissou (ramen) Sushi Saito, Kondo, Maisen, Lotteria!
Mount Fuji
Yokohama- Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum

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  1. For menus under 3000yens around your trip, your call is surely that there are certainly many specialities to think about. Lunchs in Japan are usually under 1000yens and good…and comparing the “dream” and the “risk” on food, believe me you will appreciate casual spots. My reference will be Omura Near Kyoto University for the dashi maki (egg omelette) or Okonomiyaki near Kiyomizu tera in Kyoto or Tonkatsu or Tokyo standing Sushi Magurobito on the Ameyoko street from Okachimachi JR Station. Enjoy your trip on hot ramen, hot yakitori, tonkatsu, tempura,....

    1. Lotteria is the WORST burger chain in Japan. Every 6 months to a year I think to myself, "hmm, haven't had lotteria in awhile". Each time I'm reminded why I waited so long before giving it another try.
      Stick with MosBurger of FreshnessBurger instead. (Lotteria is a Korean chain anyway!)

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      1. re: lost squirrel

        Some trivia, not that it matters but anyway. Both Lotteria and the parent company Lotte are originally Japanese companies, the founder is Korean though. Lotteria Japan started in -72, and Lotteria Korea -79. Lotte was founded in the 40's in Japan, and Lotte Korea started in 60's.
        These days Lotte Korea is much bigger than Lotte Japan, and Lotteria is much more popular in Korea than here. Interestingly, whereas the food in Lotteria Japan is indeed quite unimpressive, the Lotterias in Korea server much better food.

        1. re: ttj

          Wow, I had no idea! Thanks for that.

      2. Here are some suggestions I made a while back about Nagoya. Various local specialties as well as names and addresses of some izakayas and noodle joints.

        Read through the thread and if you have more specific questions feel free to ask. Cheers.

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        1. re: deraumai

          I actually like Lotteria better than Mos Burger. Mos Burgers have WAY too much onions on them. Mos's shrimp burger though is the best in town!.

          1. re: FoodDude2

            Mos Burgers has the cleanest bathrooms in town- often with fresh flowers in a vase. The bathrooms are 96% of the reason to go to fast food restaurants in Japan.

            1. re: FoodDude2

              Aaah, we have to agree to disagree. Everytime I to to a Lotteria I think everything is way to saucy and sweet. It's just not my style. I guess the OP, with a 3k budget will have time to try them all. Good luck hc000