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Jan 22, 2010 09:39 PM

Report (partial) re: creative eats for solo near Seattle waterfront Marriott

Chowhound keeps redirecting my iPhone to their mobile site, so I can't add this to my previous post. Sorry about that.

I couldn't help myself this afternoon - hopped the 99 to salumi, where I ate the mouthwatering delectable I'm drooling as I write this oxtail sandwich. Delicious! And why doesn't every restaurant have a $4.50/glass serve-yourself bottle of wine sitting on the table? Best sandwich I've had since last time I came to Seattle and made it up to baguette box. I missed half of the 1:00 speaker at my conference, but damn it! someone has to make some sacrifices around here!

Breakfast at the crumpet place In the market. Good, but I don't get the fuss. Maybe I got the wrong toppings that didn't compliment the crumpet?

Dinner at Umi, where one of the three sakes was outstanding, and the omikase was quite good. I'm not going to rave about it, but it was about midway between satisfactory and outstanding.

Then Molly moon, where I could retire and eat myself into a happy, happy grave.

Tomorrow, lunch in Int'l dist, xiao long bao and/or ramen. And I may just have to walk up queen anne and dinner at the bar of htcaw. Or trek to paseo.

Thanks for all the advice and help. If you ever come to Portland, let me know!

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  1. Salumi does make the best sandwiches in Seattle. Great choice.
    Paseo is second on my list so congrats if you hit both... just be sure they don't run out of bread.
    Have you been to Pok Pok in Portland? Is it worth tracking down?

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      Have I been to pok pok? Is that some kind of a foodie joke? Of COURSE I've been to pok pok! A dozen times or so. It's fabulous, and definitely worth tracking down. However, be aware that the lines can be killer. Like over an hour sometimes. So try to go at off times, and/or call first and see how it's looking.

    2. I don't know what the Shanghainese food scene is like in Portland but I would say that it is not worth seeking out XLB in Seattle. There isn't anywhere that does it all that great. As for ramen, I used to really like Samurai but lately they just aren't as good. I would definitely try to get to Paseo (are they open now or on their winter break?)

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        Paseo is still closed for their winter break. I was disappointed to learn this when I brought guests from San Francisco last weekend. They reopen the first week of February. We went to Baguette Box down the road which I thought would be a nice substitute and it was terrible (someone didn't show up for work, the sandwiches were dry, bread seemed stale, and meat was underwhelming.