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Jan 22, 2010 09:03 PM

Wedding Cake, Lawrence Area

A question for the community!

My dearest friend is getting married in August, in a ceremony near Kansas City.

Do any in the community have recommendations about bakers in the Lawrence, KS area who do exceptional cakes? Kansas City and Topeka are both fine; the bride lives in Springfield, MO, so bakers in that area are also a possibility.

The bride plans to have a small cake for tradition, and then larger layer cakes for feeding the guests (~150 people). This was a decision to minimize cost, so money is an object.

Nota Bene: She does not like fondant or chocolate cake; the former restriction has made it more difficult to find cakes, since fondant is very in at the moment.

I thought of Munchers, but wondered if others had suggestions.

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  1. Okay, this will be a bit of a detective job, but 10 years ago, I used an older lady who lives in Eudora, KS (15 min from Lawrence) - so cheap - i had a great basketweave three tier lemon cake (married in the morning). I cannot find her name anywhere in my old records!
    Do NOT use Munchers. It's a donut place and although great for "munchies" not great for cake.
    The HyVee in Lawrence does really affordable wedding cakes...

    1. Nancy Stark in Kansas City makes beautiful cakes and is lovely to deal with. It's not too far from Lawrence.