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Jan 22, 2010 08:58 PM

Mont- Tremblant poutine. good eats, and fun times

Hey everyone,

I'm headed to Mont-Tremblant next weekend with a few buddies, and I'm curious on getting a heads up on where to eat/hang out.

We do have a full kitchen so we will be making some meals, but being on vacation and the fact that I work in a kitchen means I'd like to not have to cook. I was reading some older posts stating about how the food basically sucks there, but I figured I'd ask anyways.

Without leaving the village, where would we get the best poutine available there? I understand that it may not be the best in Quebec, but we will have to settle for what we can get :P

And also if there is anywhere else to grab some good food, nothing super fancy...

Lastly, which pubs/hang out spots are the good places to head too for some drinking/partying and having fun??

thx a bunch in advance

- one last thing....I know this isn't a board based on driving directions, but I know there's lots of good people on here that like to help.... I'm driving in from Toronto. Now is it better to go through Ottawa or Montreal :)

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        Strange, I know, but as a former Torontonian, the best curds I've had in a really long time were from a Metro store just outside Mt Tremblant resort. I bought some and added it to some gravy and fries at home. Amazingly squeaky. I'm sure it's probably not up to par for Montrealers, but I was plenty happy with my find. Great price too - about $3 for a small bag (feeds 2).

        I think it was this one:
        1011 rue St-Jovite
        Mont-Tremblant, Qu├ębec
        J8E 3J9
        (819) 425-3381