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New Greek restaurant in Bronxville (Chester Heights)

I just happened to be driving by the old location of Babbone restaurant in Bronxville (502 New Rochelle Road in the Chester Heights section) and noticed a Greek restaurant has taken over the space. I just found the website online, has anyone been there yet?

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  1. Is it open yet? There is no phone number on the website.

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      I remembered reading about this place a while ago. Here's the link


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        Found this online:
        Elia Taverna Restaurant
        (914) 663-4976
        502 New Rochelle Road Bronxville, NY 10708

      2. Being opened by the guy who owned Oporto in Hartsdale. I believe it's opening very soon if not already.

        1. I just passed by again. The window paper is off and they're working on the insides. It looks like a nice update. No word on opening, but they had a "Now Hiring" sign up,

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            The website says it's open this week.

          2. I stopped by today, they were waiting on the inspection. They are hoping to be open this afternoon or evening.

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              I just called the restaurant and asked if they were open. The person told me they will be openning at 4p today. I am definitely looking forward to trying this place.

            2. Four of us had dinner at Elia Taverna tonight. The food was great and so was the service. The restaurant was about half full while we were there with people still trickling in as we were leaving. The chef, Michalli Sarris came over to our table when we were done eating and introduced himself. He told us of his affiliation with Rui Cunha his brother in law, and his cooking history in Greece and the US. He was funny, charmming and really down to earth. Complimentary olives and pita were served. We ordered taramosalata, hummus, avgolemono, prasini,(a salad of romaine, scallions, dill and feta),gyro platter, fried dried codfish served with a side of skordalia and greens, braised lamb, lemon potatoes and greek yogurt for dessert in addition complimentary cookies were served. I am too tired and too full to go into alot of detail but everything was fresh and all ingredients were of high quality. I don't know where they get their tomatoes but they were amazing for this time of year. The gyro was really good, the lamb was tender and the sauce it was in was complex and delicious and the cod had a light coating and was full of flavor not at all greasy. The portions are large, two of us shared the fish and could not finish. We had tons of leftovers. We will definitely be returning.

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                  I see the chef worked at my favorite Greek restaurant in Queens, Telly's Taverna--do they do whole grilled fish? Sounds wonderful, we'll have to try it soon.

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                    We ate here the other night and thought it was very good, with the caveat, for Westchester. We started with assorted dips, which was a huge portion of four different dips (eggplant, tzaziki, taramasalata and skordalia)--it was fine, but nothing outof the ordinary. We also had the grilled octopus--the consistency was good, but the slimy skin was still on, and it was very salty...after removing the slimy salty skin though, it was very good. For mains we had a fine moussaka, and an excellent grilled whole red snapper, which, for $36 was small though. A side of sauteed greens were delicious. Other than the fish, portions were very generous, and I took a substantial amount of moussaka home. For dessert, we shared a fabulous housemade baklava which was served hot. We definitely over ordered, but wanted to try a few things. Service was very pleasant but a little amateurish. When we left there was a line out the door--they do not take reservations on Friday and Saturday. While good, we did not feel it came close to our favorites in Queens, and once they get a liquor license, will not be quite a bargain.

                2. Do yhey have a liquor license?

                  1. The prices were very reasonable $12.95 for the gyro platter, $14.95 for the lamb dish, and 18.95 for the fish. The appetizers range from $4.95 to $14.95 I don't believe they have a liquor license.

                    1. I went there on Tuesday. Chowdom's review is very similar to my experience there. The food is really quite outstanding I had octopus and vine leaves which were top notch. I think the menu has great choice and the service was super...I liked the simple elegance of the place as well. I am going again in the next few days. I think someone (the waiter maybe) said the liqour licence was coming soon...I brought wine and they rushed out with glasses (they didn't remind me as some non-licenced restaurants do) that you are supposed to tip as though you bought it there or charge corkage)..so that was nice.

                      1. Marge they have a two lb fish, Fangri from the mediterrean (market price) and a one lb fish, Lavrake imported Greek brussino (market price) both are prepared with olive oil and lemon and grilled.

                        1. Went to Elia Taverna for lunch today. It was really terrific. Prices were reasonable and food was excellent. My friend wanted to order one of the fish specials, and the waiter insisted on telling her the price before allowing her to place the order. Yes, the special was a bit more expensive than the rest of the menu, but that's only because the rest of the menu is so inexpensive.
                          We brought a bottle of wine with us (yeah, I know, lunch, decadent - whatev) and that kept the price really low. They are expecting their liquor license in a month or so, but in the meantime, BYO.
                          The service is wonderful and the food is top notch. Highly recommend.

                          1. I went to Elia Taverna for lunch yesterday. What a wonderful addition to the area, and relief to have something other than an Asian fusion restaurant to try! The food was delicious -- very fresh, with large portions and moderate prices. There was something for everyone, from the fervent dieter (salad with grilled octopus) to the more indulgent (a souvlaki platter). For a new restaurant, it was surprisingly crowded at lunchtime, though we arrived without reservations and had no problem being seated. We ran in to a couple we know where the husband is Greek, and he was extremely happy with the food and pronounced it very authentic. I hope it is a big success and encourages other, more diverse, cuisines in the area.

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                              Quite agree, now if only we can get a Vietnamese place.

                              At any rate, get to Elia asap. The service, food and atmosphere are complaintless, I have no complaints! Seriously, Adan could not be nicer, he refilled the wine glasses -- yup, wine at lunch -- and briefed us on the restaurant and his backstory in Queens.

                              If service was top notch, the food was even more so. The cold dips (eggplant, tzaziki, taramasalata and skordalia) were excellent, and I kept using them on my most enjoyable Greek salad with grilled wedges of cheese. The chicken souvlaki platter was also pronounced very good.

                              Baklava and Galaktoboureko and sweet strong coffee topped off a meal that will bring a bigger group of us back for dinner. I wish Elia Taverna much success in the future.

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                                So glad you liked it! And I'm with you 100% on the need for a Vietnamese restaurant!

                            2. We had dinner there last night and agree with all of the positive comments. We started out splitting a Greek salad. Ingredients were very fresh. I had the grilled swordfish and my husband had the grilled shrimp with olive oil and lemon. Both were delicious. They have applied for a liquor license, I believe, but right now it's BYO. I think they were serving complementary glasses of wine though. While not full, they seem to be doing a nice business for a place that is so new. The area really needs a restaurant like this, and we want to go back soon.

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                                We ate there last night, it was great. They put warm pita and tasty olives on the tables to start and a complimentary glass of wine till they get their license. We started with the grilled octopus, lemon and olive oil. It was super tender. I had the gyro platter and my husband had the pastitsio, both were very generous portions and excellent. They are only open 2 weeks and were jamming by 7 pm. We will definitely be back.

                              2. We had dinner last night at Elia Taverna.Didnt know about the restaurant until reading the dining section of Westchester magazine. We figured we give it a try. We got there around 8PM so there was no wait ( our waiter told us that arriving between 7-8 typically has await)

                                Waiter was very friendly and attentive. We started with warm pita and olives and ordered the dolmades appetizer which was very good. I ordered a grilled whole fish and my companion ordered swordfish kabobs. Both were very good. Its still BYOB , so next time we will bring a bottle of wine with us .. The people at the next table gave us their bottle when they left - which was really nice of them!

                                We had the baklava for dessert.. also good.

                                overall - great to have a greek place in the area. prices were good. Its a nice casual place and will do when we dont feel like driving to astoria, or the city for a greek meal!

                                1. FYI, they now also deliver within the local area, so it's great if you live nearby!

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                                    I just had a nice lunch at Elia Taverna, I loved it! I ordered the Lemon Chicken Soup which was great and had the Greek salad which was so light and fresh. I loved that most of the dishes have Greek Olive oil and lemon infused in it. It really is a beautiful little restaurant and I am looking forward to returning to try out some of their specialities! Prices are VERY reasonable.

                                  2. We haven't been to Elia in a while but I'm excited to say that we are going tomorrow night. Just wondering if anyone has been recently on a Saturday night and what the waits are like? We are seeing a movie, so we can either get there early (6:00) and I know there will be no wait, or later (around 9:15-9:30). I would think we should be okay around 9:15...any thoughts? Thanks.

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                                      Valerie over the last few months I have only been to Elia for lunch several times. I did notice however that the dining room in the rear has been completed. I am not sure if this room is used for private parties only, If not I imagine it will help to alleviate the wait time for a table. Things can go either way tonight as this is a holiday weekend. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful BTW the food is as delicious as ever.

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                                        We ended up getting there a few minutes after 9:00. It was mostly full, but a few tables were open and we were seated right away. The food was terrific, as good as I remembered from my last visit. The waiter was very nice too. After we had ordered, my husband inquired about the fried potato chips (their french fries). The waiter said "oh I can switch your side for you, if you want" (my husband ordered rice). But when our food came a few minutes later, the waiter said "it was too late to switch your order but I will bring you a side of the fries". He did, and he did not charge us for them. I look forward to going back again soon.

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                                            Do they have their liquor license yet?

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                                              I don't really drink so I didn't notice what they had to offer but I definitely saw some glasses of wine go by...unless people brought their own.